10 Get Well Soon Gift Ideas Perfect for Anyone

When you are sick, what do you want? To get better, of course! But until you are healed, you want to be comforted and soothed. You want to be entertained and distracted. You want some practical help. The best get well soon gifts are those that will appeal to the wants and needs of the ill person. So with that in mind, we have organized 10 creative ideas for get well gifts under these key categories of need.


#1. Chicken Soup
Send or deliver a real comfort food, like chicken noodle or matzo ball soup. People who are sick often lose their appetites and have little energy for preparing something nourishing to eat. Chicken soup is easy to eat, hydrating, and has protein and carbs to keep the body going. This great gift is suitable to most taste buds and illnesses!

#2. Nutritious & Gourmet Gift Basket
Gift baskets filled with fun and nutritious foods will be gratefully received. Think Vitamin C packed fruits and juices, snacks and nibbles, like our Get Well Hamper with fresh seasonal fruit, delicious and exotic Clementine juice, and 3 hand-iced cookies that say “Get Well”, “Thinking of You”, and “Feel Better” for a sweet treat. We can also add The New Yorker’s Book of Doctor Cartoons for a little comic relief. These gourmet get well fruit baskets offer both comfort and a good distraction for your loved one.

If you want to be indulgent, send a gift of gourmet ice cream. We love the unique flavors and combinations we find with Jeni’s artisanal ice creams. And nothing soothes a sore throat like sweet and velvety ice cream!

#3. Warm and Snuggly Things
When we are sick, we like to curl up in our most comfy clothes: pajamas, sweat pants, well-worn sweaters. Or we like to wrap ourselves in comforters and soft blankets. If you can afford it, think about sending a luxurious gift of a cashmere sofa throw or shawl, or how about a cashmere sweat suit? If you are on a budget, a cuddly stuffed animal or Teddy Bear is a perfect gift that will bring warmth and a smile.

#4. Calming Room Sprays, Diffusers and Body Lotions
Aromatherapy can really help calm our minds, release muscle tension, open up our nasal passages and evoke pleasant memories. There are very specific scents you can choose depending on the purpose. For example, lavender is known to help promote restful sleep. A home fragrance mist or a soothing body lotion can make a lovely get well soon gift that can also be enjoyed after the recovery.


#5. Books, Magazines, Movies, TV, Podcasts
It’s hard to keep your mind off your aches and pains, so distraction and entertainment are brilliant get well gift ideas! Drop an easy reading book or a selection of magazines at their door. Recommend some good movies you can get On Demand, suggest a TV series perfect for binge watching, or some interesting podcasts to listen to. A care package filled with these items will help pass the time while in confinement which can be supremely boring.

#6. Flowers
You can rarely go wrong sending a get well gift of flowers. Choose an arrangement with seasonal flowers that are bright and cheerful. A beautiful floral bouquet will draw the eye, symbolize life and renewal, and momentarily deflect attention from one’s woes. Flowers are also comforting. If it’s a long rehabilitation, consider sending a weekly flower delivery for the duration! (Note: be sure to avoid lilies as these flowers are often associated with death and funerals.)

#7. Visits
A face-to-face visit can be a great way to distract and entertain a person who is recuperating. But do be mindful. If a person is very ill, i.e. in the hospital, undergoing cancer treatment, recovering from a surgery, in chronic pain, etc. they may neither have the energy nor the interest in a get well visit. And remember the best get well soon gifts align with the wants and needs of the ill person — not you. If a visit is welcomed, make it short and sweet. Combine your visit with a comforting get well gift such as food, with a distracting get well gift such as movies or flowers, or with some practical support like help with a chore (see below). Sometimes physical contact can be very soothing to someone who is ill. You can take advantage of that during your visit by offering a foot or back rub, or by just holding their hand.

#8. Cards and Emails
When you can’t visit, or the person is too ill to receive visitors, an old-fashioned card or letter delivered by snail mail may be just the perfect get well gift that you can keep on giving. A note in the mail is a pleasant surprise these days and a great way to let the person who is sick know you are thinking of them. The best part is that the person can read them again and again. Email works too: it can be read and responded to when they feel up to it. Cards and emails can also be get well gifts of distraction and entertainment! Send some news from home or the office. Relay a funny story and make them laugh.


#9. Chores
Although certainly not a practical get well gift idea if you don’t live nearby, helping with daily and household chores is a truly thoughtful and unique gift that has a tangible effect. Offer to grocery shop, cook a meal, clean, walk a dog, pick up prescriptions and mail, pick up kids from school, etc. If you have a group of friends or colleagues that all want to help, organize a chart with chores and have people sign up. There are several online sites that you can do this with such as CareCalendar.org which make it easy to share.

#10. Company & Rides to Doctor Appointments
It’s not uncommon for a sick person to have lots of doctor visits scheduled during treatments, rehabilitation and longer-term follow-ups. Traveling can be particularly hard to navigate if the person is in pain or disabled or otherwise weakened. Offer to drive the person back-and-forth, or hire a cab service and travel with them to help getting in and out of the car. Having a friend in the waiting room can be very comforting too. This practical gift will not only enable you to spend time with your loved one, but it will show them just how much you care and are there for them.

The worst thing you can do when considering a get well gift is to ask the recipient, “What do you want me to do?” Don’t put the burden on them. Just offer something! Decide what kind of help you want to give, pick a thoughtful gift or gesture, and make it happen. They’ll appreciate it!

Why Monthly Delivery Gifts Are The Best

When I was a kid back in the 60s, my grandparents would give us a fruit-of-the-month club gift for the holidays. You know the kind I’m talking about: huge pears, perfectly round grapefruits, ruby red cherries, etc. When the gift arrived anew at our doorstep every month, we would all eagerly open the box to see what goodies were inside. We didn’t care that the fruit was sitting in environmentally unkind Styrofoam inside a utilitarian cardboard box. After sampling the contents, we would all get on the phone to call Grandma and Grandpa to thank them. We looked forward to getting that gift every year because we knew we would get a surprise every month! And my grandparents loved giving it because they knew we would call them each time a new gift arrived.

Gift clubs have experienced a remarkable resurgence in recent years, and why not? A gift that keeps on giving is a way to carry the cheer throughout the year and get you noticed again and again! And don’t assume that the choices are boring. Food subscription gift club options are no longer restricted to Grandma’s fruit-of-the-month boxes. Think guacamole makings, a selection of dried fruit snacks and nuts with trendy toppings, and pomegranate and mango inspired gifts with fresh fruit, dried fruit and candies. Almost every e-tailer of fine food gifts offers a variety of interesting and innovation selections with subscription programs suited to every need. Some even care about making the presentation attractive and ecologically sensitive, like we do in our gift club designs! The gift club model has come a long way from when I was a kid.

Here are six more reasons why you should choose to send a subscription gift this year:

  1. Your sentiment will have a greater impact because each time the gift appears, your recipient will think of you and the reason you sent the gift.
  2. It’s easy! You can set it up one time in advance, and it’s covered.
  3. You don’t have to commit to a 12-month gift subscription: you can find 3 month and 6-month options.
  4. A one time gift may not be enough to meet what is called for. Think about new parents, someone who is seriously ill or recovering from major surgery, or someone who has lost a loved one. After the first flurry of gift giving and help, the responsiveness tapers off but the needs don’t.
  5. Make your budget stretch! Spending $200 on four gifts that arrive with the change of seasons will make a more memorable impression than one big gift that gets consumed during the holiday and then forgotten.
  6. Designed for sharing.

Just think about it. How happy will your office be if they know they will receive a new snack gift every month? Perfect for monthly business meetings: be prepared so you don’t have to scramble at the last minute to get some healthy and fun snacks for the conference room. Ideal to arrange for college students eating a diet of cafeteria food or living off-campus and depending on their own amateur culinary skills.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to send a gift that keeps on giving and put your thoughtfulness in the spotlight!

Gifts For New Parents That They’ll Actually Enjoy

Close friends of ours just had a baby! A shout out to beautiful cupid-cheeked baby Uma! Like most new parents these days, our friends signed up for a baby registry which made it easy for us to give them a newborn baby gift that we knew they wanted.But don’t hesitate to send a baby gift not on the registry, especially if it’s an item that you may have discovered by trial and error as a parent yourself: share that one toy that would infallibly sooth your cranky newborn, or that one mobile that magically mesmerized her. “Welcome New Baby” gifting solved. But what about the parents? New parents are desperate for sleep, nutritious food and adult conversation. But mostly they are short on time: time to take care of anything that isn’t directly related to their new baby. Here are 8 great gift ideas for new parents that will really be appreciated.

#1. Food
Eating becomes a “catch it as you catch can” endeavor when you have a new baby at home. One of the nicest and most thoughtful gifts for new parents is a good meal. Bring over some healthy home-made dishes that are divided into meals and can be frozen and defrosted as needed. Replenish! Or if you aren’t into cooking yourself, consider signing the new parents up for a food delivery service. Some services send fully prepared meals that only require heating; others send a simple recipe with all the ingredients to make the meal, which at least saves shopping for groceries.

#2. Gift Baskets – For Moms, New Parents, & The Baby
If you don’t live close enough to bring homemade food to the new parents, and you don’t want to commit to a subscription meal service, then a food gift basket for the new parents is just the ticket! Finding time to sleep can be hard enough, let alone finding time to cook. How about a breakfast hamper such as our Early Bird Breakfast Basket with artisanal bread, jam, granola, and Clementine juice, or our hearty Bagel Brunch Baskets with delectable smoked salmon, bagels, cream cheese, capers and organic blood orange juice? These gifts are sure to please new parents who likely eat breakfast any time of the day or night!

A gift basket designed just for new or expecting moms, filled with all of the essential vitamins.

Nutrition is critically important for new mothers, especially if they are breast-feeding. It’s hard to make sure to get enough healthy food when you don’t have the time to put into shopping and food preparation. We have designed the Mother’s Nature collection, a line of healthy gift baskets specifically to address the nutritional needs of pregnant and nursing women. In three different sizes, we include fresh and dried fruit that contain many of the most essential vitamins and minerals necessary for good maternal nutrition, and a variety of healthy, easy to eat snacks filled with protein for energy.

You can also add a little present for the new baby to a gift basket for new parents! Our customers tend to include baby booties, and/or baby blankets in pink, blue or a neutral shade, or a soft and cuddly teddy bear to acknowledge the new arrival.

#3. Laundry Service
The diaper service has been engaged, but what about the rest of the family laundry? Find a laundry service that will pick up dirty clothes, sheets and towels, and deliver them back all cleaned, folded and pressed, and you have a good gift idea for new parents!

#4. Doula or Housekeeper
Doulas are breast-feeding specialists, but their expertise can extend into other areas of newborn child care and maternal health and well-being. Doulas are companions as well as mentors. They also typically will do light grocery shopping, prepare simple meals, and tidy up. Sometimes Grandma or Grandpa can fill this role, but often grandparents don’t live near-by or new parents don’t want the complications of a relative taking on these responsibilities. Doulas can live-in or visit daily for as long as needed. For more heavy lifting in maintaining a clean and tidy household, think about engaging a housekeeper for the new parents. Scrubbing a bathroom or scouring a stove top aren’t high priorities for parents of a new baby.

#5. Run Some Errands
Any chore that involves leaving the house can be a challenge for a brand new parent. Offer to do grocery store or pharmacy shopping, drop off dry cleaning, pick up older kids from day care/school, or walk the dog. If you want to visit the home, offer to do some chores, such as ironing or washing dishes, while you are there.

#6. Pet Care
Taking care of pets that need special attention, such as an elderly dog, a young dog that needs lots of outdoor running, or a cat that needs twice daily glucose injections, for example, can be an extra burden when all the focus is on the new baby. Offering to take a pet for a few weeks may be a great gift for new parents. Even if a pet doesn’t require additional care, they may suffer a bit from their owner’s distraction. You can also benefit from all the good energy a pet can bring to your own household!

#7 Short Story Books
Reading a book is almost impossible when you can only get through one or two pages at a single sitting. Short story books can be the perfect solution for new parents who love to read. There are lots of classic selections such as the short story collections of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Alice Munro, or Mark Twain, or you can chose the current year’s “The Best American Short Stories” which are consistently excellent. Another great option is the “Letters of Note” volumes, which print correspondence written in the near and distant past from famous people and average citizens, and in ordinary or extraordinary circumstances. Each letter is about a page and fascinating enough to hold your attention, at least for the time you have to devote to it!

#8. Parent Pampering
One of the best gift ideas for new parents is some pampering. The very last thing new parents are thinking about (even lower on the list than laundry) is taking care of themselves. Give a gift certificate to a nice restaurant near-by home and take care of the baby so the new parents have the chance to freshen up and share a few hours together out as a couple. It’s easy to forget the importance of your relationship with your partner when you become a family. Another good gift for new parents is a spa treatment! Send them a gift card to the local nail salon. And don’t worry: manicures and pedicures aren’t just for women any more. Men are going to nail salons in increasing numbers these days for care of their feet and hands. Facials or massages are also good options.

The point is to give a gift that reminds the new parents of what they used to enjoy before baby came into the picture. The needs and wants of the new parents are often forgotten in the flurry of attention that the new baby draws. Giving a gift specifically for new parents will be a delightful surprise and greatly appreciated. If you can, don’t just offer one homemade meal, one week of laundry or housekeeping service, or one day of errands or pet care. A personalized gift that keeps on giving over 3 to 6 months is the best gift you can give new parents.

Best Retirement Gift Ideas for Coworkers

If you’ve been browsing the web for the best retirement gift ideas for coworkers and you’ve landed on this blog post, you’ve come to the right place. Here are twelve foolproof gift ideas to turn your retiree’s last day of work from what could be a maudlin occasion into a celebration and to remind them that when they retire, enjoying life is their new job!

Take Them Out to Lunch or Dinner
Gather your retiree’s work friends and colleagues together for a meal and raise a glass to your co-worker or employee on their last day. This can be an emotional time, even if they are ready and have been looking forward to retirement. Express your genuine appreciation for the work they’ve done but keep it light, share some funny remembrances and emphasize that retirement is an opportunity for new beginnings and experiences.

Create A Book of Memories
Send an email around to all your retiree’s co-workers and friends and family you know and ask them for any photos, group shots or special work memories they have about the retiree. Funny stories, experiences, birthday and holiday parties, it’s not hard to pull together a compilation of visual and written remembrances. Collect these snapshots of a work life in a custom photo book. A book like this can easily be made in iPhoto with a super-easy tutorial and a few clicks on a Mac. When you’re finished, Apple will send you a beautiful, finished, hardbound book of these memories for around $50.00. A very inexpensive but impressive and incredibly thoughtful and personalized gift for your retiree from the whole group.

Spa Visit
Retirement gives ample opportunities for ‘kick back and relax’ time. There aren’t many better places to do that than in a spa. A gift certificate to a local spa, for at least an hour, a day or a weekend can give a much-needed boost to your retiree. It’s amazing what a massage or a soothing facial can do to revitalize the body and mind.

iPad with New Music, Interesting Podcasts, or a Few Good Books
Unless your retiree is the type of person that already has the latest version of every new gadget, it’s a pretty safe bet that an iPad or similar type tablet will be a big hit. You probably have a pretty good idea of your retiree’s general interests. Pre-load a device with some podcasts, music, tv shows or books tailored to their favorite topics and give them a head start at those recreational pursuits they didn’t have time for with their full-time job. Maybe it’s learning Japanese, reading the complete works of Shakespeare or finally binge-watching all five seasons of The Wire.

Gym Membership
“I’m just too tired to go the gym after work” is harder to say when you have more time on your hands. More free time means more “me time” so a great gift for a retiree is a membership to a gym, yoga studio or racquet club to keep them healthy for years to come. A membership to a local gym with a pool with aquatics exercise classes can be particularly beneficial. Water aerobics is a great cardiovascular workout with low-impact on the joints and can help reduce the risk of circulatory problems as we age.

Museum Membership, Film Passes, Concert Tickets
Many retirees renew their appreciation for the arts with their newfound leisure time. There are many events at museums and cultural institutions that have been previously unattainable because of work restraints. Now that free time is no longer a luxury but a daily reality, why not give your retiree a membership to a local museum where he or she can stroll through a gallery on a rainy mid-morning or enjoy an afternoon music recital? Is your retiree a film buff? A generous gift certificate to an online movie-ticketing website like Fandango or a bunch of tickets to their local art house cinema would be a fine gift for a retiree.

Wine, Chocolate, and Roses
It’s time for some decadence and indulgence after years of diligent work put forth by your retiree. Give a retirement gift of wine, chocolate, and roses, a three-part appreciation for all the hard work they’ve done. Send a bottle of wine to toast the past and raise a glass to tomorrow, handmade chocolates to signify the sweetest future of new beginnings and an exquisite floral bouquet to remind them to, yes, stop and smell the roses once in a while and appreciate the beauty of life ahead.

Lottery Tickets
A few Powerball tickets are by no means a suitable retirement gift alone, but can be a fun little addition to another more thoughtful gift of your choosing. Sure, the odds are terrible, but somebody always wins!

Home Delivery of New York Times or Newspaper of Choice
We all find a few hasty moments here and there in our hectic work days to log onto the New York Times or Washington Post, etc. to see what’s happening in the world. Why not gift your retiree with a subscription to the NYT delivered to their door? A home delivery lets your retiree keep up with world events while allowing them the opportunity to linger over the crossword puzzle and the Op-Ed page with their morning coffee. What they might not have had time for before can now become a daily indulgence. The NYT is often referred to as “The Old Grey Lady” but we’ll leave suggestions for retirement jokes up to you.

Fruit Basket
When you’re having some hesitation about what to gift your retiree, go fruit basket, and don’t look back. A fruit basket hits the universal sweet spot of gift giving. As we’ve said before on the blog, we can’t think of any other gift that is both suitable for a business colleague as well as a dearest relative. It’s basically a no-brainer, home-run of a gift choice and many people come to our website when they need a retirement gift. A very popular Manhattan Fruitier retirement gift is the Congratulations Gift Basket collection.

Robe and Slippers
A gift of a robe and slippers is a little on the nose as far as retirement gifts go but it’s the ultimate retirement gag gift your retiree can actually use. A fine quality robe and slippers are always appreciated. Just be sure to let your retiree recipient know you want them to rest easy after busy days of new experiences.

One great benefit to retirement is no more bag lunches! Retirement brings an opportunity for more time to cook and experiment in the kitchen again, especially if your retiree is a foodie. A gift of new cookbooks exploring different cuisines of the world will be a much-appreciated retirement gift that can inspire great meals in the kitchen. Meals that may have a more advanced skill set or require more time than a busy work schedule allowed them previously.

If you know your retiree will be devoting time to travel, a great cookbook may even inform a future trip to an exotic locale that wasn’t on their radar before. Perhaps along with the cookbook, you can suggest – or spring for if you’re really close — an experiential travel itinerary that combines beautiful locales with cooking classes exploring a country’s regional cuisines. Morocco, Mexico City, Portugal, and of course Italy and France, are all particularly well known for esteemed cooking schools that combine education, relaxation and decadent gustation.

We hope one of these farewell gift ideas make finding a perfect one just a little bit easier and maybe even make your retiree’s last day of work extra memorable. Retirement closes a door but can open many others. So, make it an occasion to celebrate!

6 Do’s & Don’ts Of Client Gifting Everyone Should Know

We do a lot of client gifting for companies big and small, and over the past 30 years, we have learned a thing or two about what makes a memorable impression. If you are going to make the effort to send a corporate gift to your customer, then do it right!

Our experience has shown us that there are some definite rules to client gifting. Today we share 3 “Do’s” and 3 “Don’ts” that everyone should know before sending a client gift.

1. DO – Send the Unexpected

Ordering 2018 calendars to mail out as holiday gifts again this year? Why not surprise your clients with something different? Believe me, they will be delighted to receive something new. Even if you are on a tight budget, all it takes is a little of your time to find that unexpected token of appreciation. Are you partial to sending your clients fruit baskets? Why not branch out and send chocolate-dipped dried fruit instead?

2. DO – Make it the Right Fit

Match the gift to the occasion. Did your client refer a potential customer to your company? That’s huge! And the gift you send to thank him or her should be comparably substantial. How much could that potential new customer bring to your business in the future? Think about it. This is a time to be generous. Alternatively, if you are sending a gift to say “Happy Birthday” to a client, you can be a little less extravagant.

3. DO – Write a Personal Note

This is essential. One of my pet peeves is a gift message that is not personalized. A general purpose note card that can be used for a number of occasions or for a number of different people may be easier for you, but it only serves to communicate that your client is “just one in the crowd.” However, if you can personalize your note card, even if it’s just to use your client’s name, it will bring so much more meaning to the gift itself. It’s going to make your client feel that you actually thought about him or her and improve your business relationship! The more personal you can make the note, the better your gift will be received.

4. DON’T – Market Your Company

Sending a business gift that has your company logo all over it can feel like getting marketing material in the mail. And that’s not really a gift, is it? If you have a corporate coffee mug or mousepad you want to include with a gift, that’s OK. But, don’t make the entire gift an advertisement. On behalf of a corporate customer of ours, we sent one of our farmhouse cheese baskets to their clients and included a maple cutting board with the company’s logo laser engraved in the corner. It made for a lovely gift without feeling too promotional.

5. DON’T – Make the Gift Impersonal

It’s hard to find a gift that’s personal when you don’t really know the likes and dislikes of your recipient. But don’t resort to an entirely impersonal gift such as an Amazon gift card. Combine that with a generalized gift message (see #3 above in Do’s) and you’ve just sent a client gift that is frosty with feeling and bereft of thought! This is not the sentiment you want to convey when client gifting. If you need to send a gift that will please everyone on your client list while not appearing impersonal, consider the crowd-pleasing, colorful, textural and healthy seasonal fruit basket! This gift is appropriate for all occasions too!

6. DON’T – Send a Throw-Away Gift

Minimalism is a lifestyle trend that I’m seeing being embraced by more and more people. Of course, those of us who live in apartments are always de-cluttering by giving stuff away or throwing stuff out. The last thing people need is to receive another thing that they don’t have use for or room to store.

Instead of adding to your client’s accumulation of stuff, consider sending a consumable gift. A bottle of wine and/or a gourmet food gift basket, for example. Consumable gifts can also be more environmentally friendly. It behooves us to think more carefully about how we inadvertently contribute to trash that is not bio-degradable or ecologically sound. At Manhattan Fruitier, we pay attention to using containers and packing materials for our fruit and gourmet food gifts that are natural, recycled and recyclable.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you will maximize the positive effects of your gesture. In the short term, you will make your client feel singularly special and undeniably appreciated, and that will make you feel good too! In the long term, clients that feel valued are more likely to want to stay, and there are few factors more important to the health and value of your company than the longevity of your customers. Take good care of them!