10 Get Well Soon Gift Ideas Perfect for Anyone

When you are sick, what do you want? To get better, of course! But until you are healed, you want to be comforted and soothed. You want to be entertained and distracted. You want some practical help. The best get well soon gifts are those that will appeal to the wants and needs of the ill person. So with that in mind, we have organized 10 creative ideas for get well gifts under these key categories of need.


#1. Chicken Soup
Send or deliver a real comfort food, like chicken noodle or matzo ball soup. People who are sick often lose their appetites and have little energy for preparing something nourishing to eat. Chicken soup is easy to eat, hydrating, and has protein and carbs to keep the body going. This great gift is suitable to most taste buds and illnesses!

#2. Nutritious & Gourmet Gift Basket
Gift baskets filled with fun and nutritious foods will be gratefully received. Think Vitamin C packed fruits and juices, snacks and nibbles, like our Get Well Hamper with fresh seasonal fruit, delicious and exotic Clementine juice, and 3 hand-iced cookies that say “Get Well”, “Thinking of You”, and “Feel Better” for a sweet treat. We can also add The New Yorker’s Book of Doctor Cartoons for a little comic relief. These gourmet get well fruit baskets offer both comfort and a good distraction for your loved one.

If you want to be indulgent, send a gift of gourmet ice cream. We love the unique flavors and combinations we find with Jeni’s artisanal ice creams. And nothing soothes a sore throat like sweet and velvety ice cream!

#3. Warm and Snuggly Things
When we are sick, we like to curl up in our most comfy clothes: pajamas, sweat pants, well-worn sweaters. Or we like to wrap ourselves in comforters and soft blankets. If you can afford it, think about sending a luxurious gift of a cashmere sofa throw or shawl, or how about a cashmere sweat suit? If you are on a budget, a cuddly stuffed animal or Teddy Bear is a perfect gift that will bring warmth and a smile.

#4. Calming Room Sprays, Diffusers and Body Lotions
Aromatherapy can really help calm our minds, release muscle tension, open up our nasal passages and evoke pleasant memories. There are very specific scents you can choose depending on the purpose. For example, lavender is known to help promote restful sleep. A home fragrance mist or a soothing body lotion can make a lovely get well soon gift that can also be enjoyed after the recovery.


#5. Books, Magazines, Movies, TV, Podcasts
It’s hard to keep your mind off your aches and pains, so distraction and entertainment are brilliant get well gift ideas! Drop an easy reading book or a selection of magazines at their door. Recommend some good movies you can get On Demand, suggest a TV series perfect for binge watching, or some interesting podcasts to listen to. A care package filled with these items will help pass the time while in confinement which can be supremely boring.

#6. Flowers
You can rarely go wrong sending a get well gift of flowers. Choose an arrangement with seasonal flowers that are bright and cheerful. A beautiful floral bouquet will draw the eye, symbolize life and renewal, and momentarily deflect attention from one’s woes. Flowers are also comforting. If it’s a long rehabilitation, consider sending a weekly flower delivery for the duration! (Note: be sure to avoid lilies as these flowers are often associated with death and funerals.)

#7. Visits
A face-to-face visit can be a great way to distract and entertain a person who is recuperating. But do be mindful. If a person is very ill, i.e. in the hospital, undergoing cancer treatment, recovering from a surgery, in chronic pain, etc. they may neither have the energy nor the interest in a get well visit. And remember the best get well soon gifts align with the wants and needs of the ill person — not you. If a visit is welcomed, make it short and sweet. Combine your visit with a comforting get well gift such as food, with a distracting get well gift such as movies or flowers, or with some practical support like help with a chore (see below). Sometimes physical contact can be very soothing to someone who is ill. You can take advantage of that during your visit by offering a foot or back rub, or by just holding their hand.

#8. Cards and Emails
When you can’t visit, or the person is too ill to receive visitors, an old-fashioned card or letter delivered by snail mail may be just the perfect get well gift that you can keep on giving. A note in the mail is a pleasant surprise these days and a great way to let the person who is sick know you are thinking of them. The best part is that the person can read them again and again. Email works too: it can be read and responded to when they feel up to it. Cards and emails can also be get well gifts of distraction and entertainment! Send some news from home or the office. Relay a funny story and make them laugh.


#9. Chores
Although certainly not a practical get well gift idea if you don’t live nearby, helping with daily and household chores is a truly thoughtful and unique gift that has a tangible effect. Offer to grocery shop, cook a meal, clean, walk a dog, pick up prescriptions and mail, pick up kids from school, etc. If you have a group of friends or colleagues that all want to help, organize a chart with chores and have people sign up. There are several online sites that you can do this with such as CareCalendar.org which make it easy to share.

#10. Company & Rides to Doctor Appointments
It’s not uncommon for a sick person to have lots of doctor visits scheduled during treatments, rehabilitation and longer-term follow-ups. Traveling can be particularly hard to navigate if the person is in pain or disabled or otherwise weakened. Offer to drive the person back-and-forth, or hire a cab service and travel with them to help getting in and out of the car. Having a friend in the waiting room can be very comforting too. This practical gift will not only enable you to spend time with your loved one, but it will show them just how much you care and are there for them.

The worst thing you can do when considering a get well gift is to ask the recipient, “What do you want me to do?” Don’t put the burden on them. Just offer something! Decide what kind of help you want to give, pick a thoughtful gift or gesture, and make it happen. They’ll appreciate it!

Why Monthly Delivery Gifts Are The Best

When I was a kid back in the 60s, my grandparents would give us a fruit-of-the-month club gift for the holidays. You know the kind I’m talking about: huge pears, perfectly round grapefruits, ruby red cherries, etc. When the gift arrived anew at our doorstep every month, we would all eagerly open the box to see what goodies were inside. We didn’t care that the fruit was sitting in environmentally unkind Styrofoam inside a utilitarian cardboard box. After sampling the contents, we would all get on the phone to call Grandma and Grandpa to thank them. We looked forward to getting that gift every year because we knew we would get a surprise every month! And my grandparents loved giving it because they knew we would call them each time a new gift arrived.

Gift clubs have experienced a remarkable resurgence in recent years, and why not? A gift that keeps on giving is a way to carry the cheer throughout the year and get you noticed again and again! And don’t assume that the choices are boring. Food subscription gift club options are no longer restricted to Grandma’s fruit-of-the-month boxes. Think guacamole makings, a selection of dried fruit snacks and nuts with trendy toppings, and pomegranate and mango inspired gifts with fresh fruit, dried fruit and candies. Almost every e-tailer of fine food gifts offers a variety of interesting and innovation selections with subscription programs suited to every need. Some even care about making the presentation attractive and ecologically sensitive, like we do in our gift club designs! The gift club model has come a long way from when I was a kid.

Here are six more reasons why you should choose to send a subscription gift this year:

  1. Your sentiment will have a greater impact because each time the gift appears, your recipient will think of you and the reason you sent the gift.
  2. It’s easy! You can set it up one time in advance, and it’s covered.
  3. You don’t have to commit to a 12-month gift subscription: you can find 3 month and 6-month options.
  4. A one time gift may not be enough to meet what is called for. Think about new parents, someone who is seriously ill or recovering from major surgery, or someone who has lost a loved one. After the first flurry of gift giving and help, the responsiveness tapers off but the needs don’t.
  5. Make your budget stretch! Spending $200 on four gifts that arrive with the change of seasons will make a more memorable impression than one big gift that gets consumed during the holiday and then forgotten.
  6. Designed for sharing.

Just think about it. How happy will your office be if they know they will receive a new snack gift every month? Perfect for monthly business meetings: be prepared so you don’t have to scramble at the last minute to get some healthy and fun snacks for the conference room. Ideal to arrange for college students eating a diet of cafeteria food or living off-campus and depending on their own amateur culinary skills.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to send a gift that keeps on giving and put your thoughtfulness in the spotlight!

6 Do’s & Don’ts Of Client Gifting Everyone Should Know

We do a lot of client gifting for companies big and small, and over the past 30 years, we have learned a thing or two about what makes a memorable impression. If you are going to make the effort to send a corporate gift to your customer, then do it right!

Our experience has shown us that there are some definite rules to client gifting. Today we share 3 “Do’s” and 3 “Don’ts” that everyone should know before sending a client gift.

1. DO – Send the Unexpected

Ordering 2018 calendars to mail out as holiday gifts again this year? Why not surprise your clients with something different? Believe me, they will be delighted to receive something new. Even if you are on a tight budget, all it takes is a little of your time to find that unexpected token of appreciation. Are you partial to sending your clients fruit baskets? Why not branch out and send chocolate-dipped dried fruit instead?

2. DO – Make it the Right Fit

Match the gift to the occasion. Did your client refer a potential customer to your company? That’s huge! And the gift you send to thank him or her should be comparably substantial. How much could that potential new customer bring to your business in the future? Think about it. This is a time to be generous. Alternatively, if you are sending a gift to say “Happy Birthday” to a client, you can be a little less extravagant.

3. DO – Write a Personal Note

This is essential. One of my pet peeves is a gift message that is not personalized. A general purpose note card that can be used for a number of occasions or for a number of different people may be easier for you, but it only serves to communicate that your client is “just one in the crowd.” However, if you can personalize your note card, even if it’s just to use your client’s name, it will bring so much more meaning to the gift itself. It’s going to make your client feel that you actually thought about him or her and improve your business relationship! The more personal you can make the note, the better your gift will be received.

4. DON’T – Market Your Company

Sending a business gift that has your company logo all over it can feel like getting marketing material in the mail. And that’s not really a gift, is it? If you have a corporate coffee mug or mousepad you want to include with a gift, that’s OK. But, don’t make the entire gift an advertisement. On behalf of a corporate customer of ours, we sent one of our farmhouse cheese baskets to their clients and included a maple cutting board with the company’s logo laser engraved in the corner. It made for a lovely gift without feeling too promotional.

5. DON’T – Make the Gift Impersonal

It’s hard to find a gift that’s personal when you don’t really know the likes and dislikes of your recipient. But don’t resort to an entirely impersonal gift such as an Amazon gift card. Combine that with a generalized gift message (see #3 above in Do’s) and you’ve just sent a client gift that is frosty with feeling and bereft of thought! This is not the sentiment you want to convey when client gifting. If you need to send a gift that will please everyone on your client list while not appearing impersonal, consider the crowd-pleasing, colorful, textural and healthy seasonal fruit basket! This gift is appropriate for all occasions too!

6. DON’T – Send a Throw-Away Gift

Minimalism is a lifestyle trend that I’m seeing being embraced by more and more people. Of course, those of us who live in apartments are always de-cluttering by giving stuff away or throwing stuff out. The last thing people need is to receive another thing that they don’t have use for or room to store.

Instead of adding to your client’s accumulation of stuff, consider sending a consumable gift. A bottle of wine and/or a gourmet food gift basket, for example. Consumable gifts can also be more environmentally friendly. It behooves us to think more carefully about how we inadvertently contribute to trash that is not bio-degradable or ecologically sound. At Manhattan Fruitier, we pay attention to using containers and packing materials for our fruit and gourmet food gifts that are natural, recycled and recyclable.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you will maximize the positive effects of your gesture. In the short term, you will make your client feel singularly special and undeniably appreciated, and that will make you feel good too! In the long term, clients that feel valued are more likely to want to stay, and there are few factors more important to the health and value of your company than the longevity of your customers. Take good care of them!

5 Reasons Why Gift Baskets Make the Perfect Mother’s Day Present

How do you thank your mom for all that she does? How do you acknowledge all the love she has for you and show her all the love you have for her? Hopefully, you can find ways to show your appreciation the whole year through. But on Mother’s Day, we try to communicate all of those feelings in one perfect gift and on a single day. Not a simple task.

Traditionally, people send flowers to their mothers. This makes sense as Mother’s Day is during the springtime! There are many colorful and fragrant flowers to choose from that mark the beginning of the season such as hyacinths, daffodils, tulips, and lilacs. Roses are always suitable, especially in hues of pink, yellow, or orange. But how do you make it special? Be sure you send her favorite flowers. And add a heartfelt note that tells her how much she means to you.

Mothers Day Gift Basket

The best gift is always time with YOU. Taking Mom to a champagne brunch on this special day is a time-honored custom. Deliver your gift in person if you can. The point is to spend time with your mom. It will be memorable for her, and you’ll be happy you did!

We at Manhattan Fruitier are proponents of the Mother’s Day gift basket and are sharing the five reasons why we think this is the best gift idea for Mom this year:

#1. You can give Mom more of her favorite things

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to give your mom for Mother’s Day. You know she likes daffodils and milk chocolate and green tea and Red Sox tickets. If you send a gourmet gift basket, you don’t have to choose because you can send them all! Nothing is more special than giving your mom her favorite things. It shows her how much you understand her. And the more of her favorite treats you can include, the more you can enhance her delight.

#2, You can give Mom a wide variety of goodies

Flowers, chocolate, and brunch at a nice restaurant may be traditional, but when you give a gift basket, you don’t need to be limited. In a Mother’s Day gift basket, you can include a variety of items – related or not related at all. The number and type of goodies only depends on your imagination (and the size of the gift basket).

You may want to include something sweet to eat, something for her to wear, something for her to read, something for her to use, something for her to do, something for her to look at, something for her to listen to on her special day.

Example gift basket idea: chocolate-covered strawberries, her favorite perfume, the latest best selling biography, a Starbucks gift card, a coupon for a massage, flowers, and a link to a new podcast. Indulge all of her senses!

#3. You can create the perfect gift around a theme just for Mom

Some Mother’s Day gift baskets work best when the items are all connected around a central theme. Maybe your mom has a garden she loves to tend. Consider getting a garden caddy and fill it with some new tools or new garden gloves or seeds for flowers or vegetables she likes.

Perhaps she loves short stories. You can go to your local bookstore and find the best new short story collections and a few of the classics. Different components in a gift basket round out the pleasure! Your Mom will appreciate your thoughtfulness.


#4. You can make the gift more personal

Last year, my daughter gave me a purple Fjallraven Kanken mini knapsack for the gym and inside she put some pink and black weight-lifting gloves for me. I had mentioned that my gym bag was old and ripped and that the palms of my hands sometimes tingled while working with weights.

That unique Mother’s Day gift was obviously very specific to me and it made me feel special. We also went to brunch at our favorite local restaurant and spent the afternoon together so I got both the expected and the unexpected!! Personal gifts convey the time and effort that goes into them and show that you took the extra step.

#5. You can make your celebration of Mom last longer

Flowers wilt and brunches only last a few hours, but a gift basket filled with her favorite treats or some new items for her to try will make a lasting impression. It will take Mom a while to get through it all so she will remember your thoughtfulness and that will extend the sweet sentiment of Mother’s Day.

We hope your mom enjoys her unique Mother’s Day Gift. Happy Mother’s Day to all the great moms out there!

15 Creative Ways to Say ‘Thank You’

Saying “Thank You” is not only a polite gesture, but it is really the basis of our civility. When you combine the words “Thank You” with a gift, then you are really communicating your appreciation and sincerity. It’s taking the extra step that will make the recipient feel extra special.

Creative Thank You Gifts

Whether you want to thank a neighbor: “Thank you for watering my plants while I was away,” or an employee: “Thank you for helping out with the sales presentation”, or a friend: “I couldn’t have gotten through my break up without you!”, or a business partner: “Thank you for landing the biggest account we’ve ever had!!”, a thank you gift will carry a satisfaction that the words alone can’t convey.

Match the Gift to the Reason

The type of thank you gift you send should be in balance with the reason: does the accomplishment deserve a HUGE thank you? Or would a small one be more appropriate to the occasion? Gifts that say ‘Thank You’ in a big way are usually more expensive. They can also be an “event” or “experience” instead of an object. If the person is a friend, consider sharing an experience together!

Conversely, gifts that say ‘Thank You’ in a small way are usually less expensive. But even a token gift imbues the sentiment with more meaning than a note alone. It shows that you made an extra effort. Not to mention that small gifts are often very charming and unique.

The point is that you want to try to keep the gesture in line with the favor: neither too small for a big deed, nor too big for a small act.

Match the Gift to the Person

Thank you gifts are appropriate in both the personal and business context. After deciding whether the gift should be petite or grand, the next decision relates to who the gift is going to.

No matter the particulars, we believe that the secret to sending a great Thank You gift is to try to match the gift to the person you are thanking. The more you know about the interests and tastes of your gift recipient, the more spot on your creative thank you gift will be.

Creative Ways to Say Thank You to Employees or Business Associates

You may not know much about the personal tastes of your employees or business associates. So sending a gift that would be suitable for most people is probably the best bet in this circumstance. You don’t want to try to guess what will please someone whose tastes you don’t know!

Creative Ways to Say Thank You to Friends

Giving a thank you gift to a friend is easier in some ways because you know more about the particular tastes and preferences of a friend. What foods do they like? What do they like to do? What might be missing from their home? Is there something they’ve been talking about trying or buying?

Here are 15 unique gift ideas to say “Thank You”.

#1. Local Honey

Local Honey Thank YouThe idea of sending a jar of honey is not only sweet, but it’s downright cool. There are beehives and beekeepers everywhere these days, commercial and private, and in cities too! There are even several successful beehive businesses here in Manhattan.
If you want to see them, you’ll have to look up – hives are usually set up and tended on rooftops. Bees are making honey from local flowers so each area will produce a distinct flavor, even between different neighborhoods! This thoughtful gift doesn’t have to be expensive (at least not for a single jar), but is still interesting and should please most people.

If you want to go bigger, you can also choose to create “flights” where you can combine honey made from different areas into a single gift. A creative way to say ‘Thank You’ to both friends and employees or business associates. Some of our favorite local NYC apiaries that sell online include, Andrew’s Honey, Bee Raw, Let It Be Honey, and Catskill Provisions.

#2. Thank You Fruit Basket
A fresh fruit basket, especially when it is high-quality and beautifully presented, is always a welcome thank you gift. After all, everyone likes seasonal fruits! This particular gift also features a set of three hand iced “Thank You” cookies that say “Grazie”, “Merci” & “Thank You” so your sentiment is emphasized.Manhattan Fruitier Thank You Gift Basket

A healthy gift with a little sweet should please anyone. And with three sizes to choose from this gift basket would be appropriate for saying Thank You for small and large favors alike.

#3. Terrarium
Terrariums have had a big resurgence in popularity in the last several years. These unique gifts are the perfect way to say thank you to a friend or a colleague. Terrariums come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Oftentimes you can design your own when you order online so you can best match the gift to your recipient. Another fun idea is to take a class in terrarium making — a perfect activity to do with a friend you want to thank.

We love all the build-it-yourself choices available at Sprout Home, based in Brooklyn and Chicago. And while Greenery NYC (a botanical design firm) doesn’t make terrariums per se, we thought their gift offerings for desktop plants were unusual and elegant, making this a great way to say thank you to an employee or business associate.

#4. Candles
Like terrariums, candles have experienced a similar wave of revitalization. A candle is a creative thank you gift, particularly for a personal thank you. There are so many different kinds of candles that you can really get inspired about matching the candle to your gift recipient. There are candles that celebrate the forest, ocean, flowers, spices . . . you name it! There are also beautiful unscented candles. You can have fun choosing a unique candle for an “enlightened” thank you.

Take a look at the Paris-based Diptyque where you can select your own personal trio of small candles. Kobo’s pure soy candles has an enormous and inventive collection to select from including such original scents as Mandarin Breeze, Cashmere Valley, Fresh Cut Grass and D’Anjou Lychee.

Andrej Urem Candle

Our very favorite candles are made by hand by Andrej Urem (as shown). He makes the most luxurious, unscented, sculptural candles we have ever seen.

#5. Ice Cream
What is more fun than receiving ice cream at your doorstep?! This gift is such an unexpected treat that your recipient is sure to feel extra special. In large or small packages, ice cream is a truly entertaining way to say ‘thank you’ to employees, business colleagues, or friends. When delivered to the workplace, it provides a perfect excuse to take a break and scoop out some cool pleasure all around. Your thank you gift (and you!) will be remembered.

We are especially fond of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream and have never tried a flavor we didn’t like. You can choose from exotic flavors such as brambleberry crisp, juniper & lemon curd, and wildberry lavender to classic flavors such as milk chocolate, vanilla bean and sweet cream. Jeni’s also offers a seasonal subscription plan when you want to say ‘thank you’ again, and again and again!

#6. Photography Books
Coffee table books always a make an elegant presentation, whether for the home or for the office. If you know the person very well, you can find the picture book perfectly suited to their likes, from Classic Cars from Around the World to Classic Vogue Magazine Covers.

When not sure of your recipient’s tastes, we recommend sending a photography book as a creative way to say ‘thank you’. Nature photography is interesting to everyone. We love National Geographic’s Visions of Earth – Beauty Majesty Wonder which you can find on Amazon. We are especially enamored of the contemplative work of Diane Cook and Len Jenshel. Their book Hotspots on the American Volcanic Landscape, Aquarium, and their most recent book (which you can pre-order) Wise Trees can all be found on Amazon.com.

#7. Polaroid Camera
Staying on the theme of photography, another creative way to say ‘thank you’ for helping is to send a gift of a retro instant Polaroid camera! This gift will bring a smile and hours of amusement to anyone you need to thank. The Polaroid Instant Snap Touch Digital Camera comes in a variety of playful colors!

#8. Cooking Classes/Demonstrations with Celebrity Chefs
If you need to send a big thank you, or have a large group of people you want to thank, a fun idea is to arrange for a private cooking class or cooking demonstration that usually precedes a fabulous meal together!

These events can be pricey, but can often be just the perfect thank you gift. The Institute of Culinary Education, the James Beard Foundation, Sur La Table, and My Cooking Party in NYC offer private and corporate events and demonstrations. Check out your area for local culinary events.

#9. Mortar and Pestle
Even if your recipient isn’t a big cook, the gift of a beautiful but simple and useful mortar and pestle is a lovely way to say thank you. You can buy them in a variety of materials including, classic marble, copper, modern stainless steel, and wood.

Add makings for guacamole (avocados, limes, garlic, tomatoes, etc) if you can hand deliver your thank you gift for an extra touch.

#10. Water Carafe and Glass
A lovely bedside water carafe is another unique way to say thank you to a friend. Few people have this convenience and it makes a very thoughtful gift. We like the very simple and classic nightstand carafe by Birch Lane. CB2 offers a very inexpensive line of attractive carafe and glass sets, as well as a collection of colorful carafes and tumblers

#11. Decanters
Similar to the bedside water carafe, but more cosmopolitan, is a wine or spirits decanter. Ideally suited for a corporate thank you since it can be used for any type of libation, as well as for a friend, this gift can range from the affordable to the extravagant to match the reason for the thank you.

I found this website really helpful when deciding what shape and what size decanter to get.

Reidel has a good selection of handmade decanters (more expensive for big thank you gifts) from the simple to the elaborate. My favorite decanter is simple, elegant and totally affordable from Uncommon Goods. Check out Crate & Barrel for decanters for spirits in a range of prices.

#12. “Cool” Ice Cubes
These are not your mother’s ice cubes! With renewed excitement about creating classic cocktails, the humble ice cube has gained new status.

Re-usable ice cubes are great for drinks when you want the chill, but not the extra water. Use for iced tea and iced coffee, white wine or whiskey.

Brookstone offers very cool re-usable stainless steel ice cubes. You can even get them personalized at Etsy! Black reusable ice cubes are very sleek and modern. Teroforma has black soapstone “whiskey” stones. If you don’t like the idea of re-usable ice cubes, look for trays that make ice cubes in fun shapes such as shells, fish, flowers and hearts. We like the stars from Lekue.

#13. Bluetooth portable speakers
Portable speakers make a thoughtful Thank You gift for friends, employees or business associates alike. Everyone likes music of some sort! There are many social occasions where ear buds are just not appropriate. Bluetooth portable speakers are easy to carry around with you. Share your music at a party, in the office, or at the beach. You can find a range of shapes and sizes and colors and price points based on power.

#14. Finds from a Fancy Stationary Store

Notepads and note cards do not have to be a cliché token gift. There are many elegant iterations that are classic or unique, but all of which will say ‘Thank You’ in a beautiful and remembered way.

Sesame LetterPress uses old-fashioned hand operated letterpress machines to make whimsical designs on note cards, note pads, notebooks, calendars and coasters. We especially love their sweet little calendars that you pin to a corkboard.

Dempsey + Carroll have been creating bespoke engraved stationary since 1878. You can design personalized note cards, pads or stationary, or you can peruse their delightful Spring collection of stationary desk sets with as many different options as there are personalities — perfect for a business thank you gift when you want to spend a little money.

#15. Cheese & Savory Gift Baskets

Food, and cheese in particular, is a gift that everyone loves. High-quality farmstead cheeses make an extra special thank you gift for friends or employees. When combined with sweet and savory accoutrements, cheese baskets make the perfect gift!

Pair fig paste, spicy plum chutney, fresh fruit, and nuts to compliment the sharp, nutty, buttery, grassy, or earthy flavors of sheep, cow or goat cheese. You can even add a bottle of wine for the finishing touch.

Here’s a final secret about thank you gifts: sending a unique, creative thank you gift can make you, the sender, feel good too!