Maker of the Month: Tin Dizdarević of Tin Mustard

TinTin Dizdarevic, creator of Tin Mustard outside his Red Hook production facility.

Finding a partner for our pretzels that “cut the mustard” was a tall order at Manhattan Fruitier until Tin Dizdarević’s phenomenal mustard came into our lives. Tin Mustard, based in Red Hook, Brooklyn, may sound metallic but no heavy metals or preservatives are involved. Only pure, true ingredients – mustard seeds, vinegar and spices, making this namesake mustard peerless in the States, while rivaling the Dijon masters abroad. Born of necessity in the bustling kitchen of Craft Bar, Chef Tin Dizdarević, our August Maker of the Month, took his recipe to market and struck golden. We visited Tin’s new production facility recently to see his process, share recipes and learn more about his story and the art of mustard-making. Continue reading