Where is the Best Rooftop View of Manhattan?

Maybe we are biased but we think the best view of the city is on our soon-to-be new rooftop in Long Island City. Check it:

Some of our readers and fans may already know we are moving to a spacious new location in Long Island City this month. We are excited to have more room and expand the service and quality gifts for which we are known.

We hope you will come by and visit us in our new space soon.


Fruit Stickers – What we do with them!

Fruit Sticker on Hand

Fruit Stickers on Cardboard

Ever since fruit distributors and sellers decided that every piece of fruit needed its own sticker, we have had to deal with them. We decided that we would take off all stickers, except for organic fruit stickers because they clearly identify the fruit as organic. The next question: What to do with the stickers? Here, we see that Nadine makes a sticker pile on the back of her hand.

Alternatively, we stick them to the face of a cardboard fruit box. We love the collage created by the random application of the stickers.