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Organic Food Gifts




Organic Gift Baskets



Manhattan Fruitier’s organic gift baskets feature pick of the season organic fruit with your choice of organic edibles including chocolate, nuts and dried fruit. If you are looking for healthy gift baskets, as more and more people do, you will find that we offer a great selection of organic food gifts for the very healthiest in gift giving.


Why Choose Organic Fruit Baskets?


Increasingly, people are becoming aware of the environmental and health ramifications of choosing organic. In response, we developed a line of organic fruit arrangements and organic food gifts that have been popular with our customers and with their recipients. Some people think organic fruit tastes better than conventionally grown fruit.  As far as appearance, you will likely see more variation in the same fruit, and some occasional superficial blemishes. We purposefully leave the fruit stickers on that tag the fruit as “organic” so that when gift recipients open one of our organic fruit arrangements, they know what they are eating. They also will know that you care enough to send the most healthy gift basket.


To be labeled "organic", tree fruit must meet special requirements established by the US Department of Agriculture. The fruit must have been grown without conventional pesticides, fertilizers made from synthetic ingredients, sewer sludge fertilizers, genetic engineering or irradiation. The land must be free of all prohibited substances for three years prior to harvest of fruit that can be labeled “organic”. It costs farmers more to grow fruit organically, and organic orchards are subjected to inspections each year by state agricultural departments.


So by choosing to send organic gift baskets you know that you are not contributing to introducing synthetic chemicals into the environment, including the air and water supply. Moreover, choosing organic is the only practical way to avoid eating genetically modified (GM) food.


Delivering Our Organic Gift Baskets


Our line of healthy gift baskets can be delivered by hand in the great New York area or can be shipped across the United States. When shipping our organic fruit baskets, we use keepsake willow hampers with lids that gently hold the fruit during transit to preserve their pristine condition upon delivery. When hand delivering, we assemble our organic food gifts in open willow baskets that contain the composition with a reusable natural abaca fiber mesh bag that permits you to view the beautifully arranged contents