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Cortland Hamper

Cortland Hamper $89.50

Cortland Hamper with One Treat (9 lbs) - $89.50

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Cheese - Cheddar from Shelburne Farm VT and Vermont Cheddar Description Card

Chocolate - Harbor Sweets Chocolates

Dried Fruit - Roasted Almonds - 5 oz.

Biscotti di Prato

Cheese Crisps

Dried Fruit - Organic Apricots

Rugelach (9 piece box)

Organic Cortland Hamper with One Treat (9 lbs) - $112.50

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Dried Fruit - Organic Maple Glazed Nuts

Dried Fruit - Organic Mangos

Dried Fruit - Organic Apple Rings

Dried Fruit - Organic Apricots

Dried Fruit - Organic Medjool Dates

Chocolate - Organic Chocolate Bar by Raaka Virgin Chocolate

Arranged in our signature willow hamper with lid, this beautiful and delicious gift basket can be delivered overnight anywhere in the country. This fruit basket contains approximately 16 pieces of the finest seasonal fruit and serves up to six people. The Cortland includes your choice of ONE sweet or savory delectable: biscotti, chocolates, dried apricot, walnut brownies, rugelach, almonds or cheddar. (9 lbs)

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