"If Manhattan Fruitier didn't exist, there would be no surprisingly gorgeous and sophisticated fruit baskets to order![more reviews]



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Recent Customer Reviews

"It's so terrific to send a product that you can trust in the quality and service, knowing the recipient will feel special receiving such a gift. I plan to continue ordering treats from Manhattan Fruitier." (Dec. 2016)

"They loved it! It's always special when someone you care about gets a gift that shows much your I care!" (Dec. 2016)

"What do you get someone far away ... and whose taste you don't quite know? Manhattan Fruitier to the rescue. The recipients are STILL oooohing and ahhhing and I'm a star. Thank you!"
(Dec. 2016)

"As a business gift, this was the right choice. Enough for sharing; really high-quality impressed them with how much we value the business relationship."
(Dec. 2016)

"Being across the pond in the UK it is wonderful to be able to rely on a company to send my gifts to family and to know that they will arrive on time and they are enjoyed.(Dec. 2016)

"I sent this gift to a health professional - it needed to be a simple gift that reflected the high quality and esteem that the person represents to me. I use Manhattan Fruitier for their beautiful presentation of quality products." (Dec. 2016)

"This was the perfect "thank you" for a friend referring a client to my studio. I order all my holiday and special occasion baskets from Manhattan Fruitier. They never disappoint!" (Dec. 2016)

"Perfectly wrapped, reasonably price. Perfect gift for my college vegan daughter. You are amazing!!!" (Dec. 2016)

"I have used Manhattan Fruitier for a decade and their service and quality never ceases to impress me and the recipients of these beautiful baskets. I always find the appropriate offering at Manhattan Fruitier. Thank you for being the service I rely on for all of my gifting needs!" (Dec. 2016)

"This is the best gift for the money to wow people. The quality of the product and the gorgeous box tells the recipient that you really care." (Nov. 2016)

"I got the four cheese basket as a birthday present. The recipient loved it. I got a thank you note after each new cheese opened. :)"(Dec. 2016)

“My friend has exquisite taste and everything she sends me or does is so special and nice. This is the second year I sent her a gift for the holidays and her exact comment was 'We always look forward to it.'" NY(2016)

“The quality of the fruit is something that you cannot normally buy yourself and it's presented in a lovely keepsake hamper. It's the opening of these gifts that are half the fun. Everyone I send them to is completely blown away when they receive it!”CA (2016)

“I have been using Manhattan Fruitier for over a year now, and I love them! The quality is top notch, along with the service. They are my go to now. Love, Love, Love!!!”CT (2016)

“This was for a very special person. To say it made her day, would be an understatement...it made her week!”NJ (2016)

“I sent the Sweet Sentiments as a business gift. The clients are very sophisticated. He commented on how elegant the gift was. Made a very good impression. Client said they were going to use Manhattan Fruitier for their future gifts.”IL (2016)

“I wanted to send something special that said I cared to my daughter who was starting her intern year at a university veterinary hospital. I sent it; she got it; and this was the perfect thing to do. She loved it. Thank you.”CA (2016)

“Recipient loved this! A modern, interesting take on the gift basket...everything was happily enjoyed!”NYC (2016)

“I have been ordering from Manhattan Fruitier for nearly twenty years. It's the best gift I can think of for opening nights, birthdays, holidays, thank yous, and welcome-to-NYC.”NYC (2016)

“I've sent Manhattan Fruitier gifts for over thirty years - ok so I'm not a millennial- and they're the one gift that the recipient always calls to say thank you and ask where I found this incredible source. I have sent baskets for all kinds of occasions. Recently, I sent one as a condolence gift and the recipient loved it for the beauty and delicious everything.”NYC (2016)

“We've received! We've given! Each time it is the perfect gift. Selections are varied. Quality consistently good. Recently figured out that it is an awesome gift to send to college students. They squeal in delight. Easy to share . . . and the packaging is awesome. A substantial yet whimsical, healthy gift."NJ (2016)

“Manhattan Fruitier is truly a winner. I am always pleased with the gifts I send from them. The recipients cannot say enough about how wonderful and delicious they are.”CT (2016)

“The recipient LOVED it and thanked repeatedly, remarking on the quality and presentation. You can't miss with this!”FL (2016)