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Roses and Jewel Box Bonbons

Radiant Roses & Jewel Box Bonbons $105+

Roses and beautifully iridescent Jewel Box Bonbons, in a single gift. Twelve magnificent roses that radiant beauty and are laden with positive emotions.  And, enchanting chocolate bonbons made by Stick with Me in Nolita, NYC. 

More about the Jewel Box Bonbons:  Entirely unique creations made using various techniques and tools, such as splatter “painting,” airbrushing, tiny paint brushes, or just a simple thumb stroke. Chef Yoon of Stick with Me applies colored cocoa butters to each bonbon to create startling high-gloss finishes. Unlike traditional truffles that tend to have soft ganache interiors, these bonbons are filled with layers of ingredients so that individual shells present an abundance of different textures and flavors.

Our custom box of six bonbons features:

  • "Vero" Candied Pecan Praline
  • "Coconut" Toasted Coconut and Brown Sugar
  • "New York, NY" Chocolate-Covered Pretzel and Peanut Butter Praline
  • "Mint Cookie" Chocolate Mint Ganache with a Cookie Crunch
  • "Speculoos S'more" Homemade Marshmallow and Gingerbread Cookie
  • "PB & J" Peanut Butter Ganache and Homemade Strawberry Jam.

Whimsically packaged in book look-alike gift box.

Your rose arrangement will vary depending upon where you are sending it:

For roses hand delivered in and around NYC, you may choose to have the roses arranged in a lovely glass vase (vase included in price).

For roses shipped anywhere across the country, they are wrapped in a lovely waxed paper bundle. You have the option of adding a vase to this gift.

To find out what color roses we are offering, feel free to call us at (800) 841-5718.

  • 1 - Vase - Medium

  • 1 - Vase - Medium

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