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Belgian Waffle Sundaes

Belgian Waffle Sundaes $63

The ideal summer gift for any dessert loving person.

Start with waffles. The Liege style waffles are beautifully crafted by acclaimed NYC's Resto, an all-things-Belgian restaurant. Liege waffles are prized throughout Belgium, often available from street vendors. Originally developed in the eastern Belgiun city of Liege, these waffles have uneven edges, are denser, sweeter, and tend to be chewier than Brussels style waffles. Choose two or four waffles.

Next, choose ice cream from Adirondack Creamery, made from Hudson Valley hormone-free milk and cream. Adirondack Creamery uses the purest ingredients to create the six types of ice cream we feature. Choose two or four pints of the flavors you like.

Next, choose a sauce for your sundae. There's a decadent dark chocolate sauce, luscious peach preserves and a rare banana jam. If you can't decide on one sauce, choose two. Finally, what's a sundae without a topping or two: chopped almonds, maple glazed nuts or granola- All organic.

With our insulated packaging, you may send this gift to friends and family anywhere across the country.

X Waffle Sundaes for Four People - $116.00
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X Waffle Sundaes for Two People - $63.00
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