12 Most Compelling Reasons to Send Healthy gifts to your business associates this holiday season

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1. Healthy Food Increases Productivity

Who hasn’t felt sluggish and weighed down after the initial sugar buzz of a candy bar has worn off? Healthy snacks promote long-term energy which translates into increased productivity.

2. Maintain Weight Loss Goals

With all of the cookies, cakes, and holiday treats available, many people find it hard to avoid overeating during the holidays. By providing healthy gifts to your associates, they can indulge without having to worry about breaking their New Year’s weight loss plans.

3. Healthy Foods Make People Creative

Healthy snacks are not only good for your body; they’re also good for your brain. The nutrients found in healthier snack foods can jumpstart creativity in the work place.

4. Blameless Snacking

Nobody wants to be nagged by their partner for indulging in their holiday gifts. By giving healthy gifts, you can stop the blame from passing on to you or your business!

5. Add Diversity to the Holidays

Fruits and other healthy snacks can add welcome diversity to holiday gift offerings. The bright, engaging colors of healthy snacks will make your gift pop.

6. Respect Your Associates (Unknown) Needs

As much as people know about associates, a lot still remains hidden. By giving healthy snacks as a holiday gift, you’re respecting their dietary restrictions (such as diabetes, gluten-sensitivities, etc.) without even knowing it. They’ll appreciate your consideration.

7. Create New Favorites

You never know when you might expose your associates to something new. If your healthy snack becomes a new favorite, rest assured that your associate will think of you every time they indulge in it.

8. Be a Trendsetter

Don’t give the gifts that everyone has gotten a thousand times before. Impress both your associates and clients by being on-trend with this year’s hottest healthy gifts.

9. Associate Yourself With Health and Quality

By sending healthy gifts during the holidays, you show that you not only have taste, but that you appreciate quality. Many people will associate quality gifts with a quality partner.

10. Give the Gift of Health

Healthy gifts imply a generous spirit. They show that you care for your associates business and personal needs.

11. Show Your Compassionate Side

Sending junk food implies that you don’t care about the physical well-being of the recipient. Avoid this connection by sending healthy treats that are tasty as well.

12. Fun Note Opportunities

By sending healthy snacks like fruits, your note can contain fun sayings like “thanks for the fruits of your labor” or “we’re nuts about you.” This can bring a smile to their face and a positive association with your brand.

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