5 Fall Gift Basket Ideas

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Fall is a busy time of year and a sharp counterpoint to the slow pace of the summer. It starts right after Labor Day when we go back to school and back to work and get productive again. Fortunately, the cooler weather is invigorating and helps to foster a “ready to get down to business” attitude! The Fall is also filled with holidays, events and occasions such as: Rosh Hashanah, the start of Football Season, Halloween, Veterans Day, Election Day, and Thanksgiving. We have a superlative selection of Fall themed gifts that should give you plenty of great gift basket ideas for Fall.

I recently sat down with David Landeros, our incomparable Customer Service Manager, to talk with him about our most popular Fall gifts and find out what he personally recommends for Fall gift basket ideas for specific occasions. No one knows our gift collection better than David who has been working with us for almost 15 years! Here are David’s invaluable insights.

1. Snacking Gifts

Parents of college-aged kids like to send care packages in the Fall and the most popular Fall gift ideas are our snacking gifts. These gifts are perfect for sharing with dorm-mates and also can last a long time without refrigeration. Some of our more health-conscious customers send our Pop Up Party or one of our Dried Fruit and Nut boxes (both all the more attractive for the Free Shipping).

HealthyPop-Up-Party-2016-610x530Pop Up Party has some of my favorite artisanal snack foods like Falafel Chips with green Fresca Salsa, heirloom microwaveable popcorn, old-fashioned barrel roasted peanuts in the shell, roasted chick pea snacks in a variety of flavors, and three types of caramel popcorn for a sweet ending! If sending to a student for personal consumption, I’ll recommend a smaller snacking gift such as  Break Time  or the Five Sweets Chest which each contain a selection of dried fruit, nuts and chocolate.vegan sweets

Since I know that many of our customers are looking for vegan gifts these days, I will be suggesting our new Vegan Sweets Gift. It’s a great snack gift with all artisanal vegan products including organic cookies, Rawclates delicious dairy free chocolates, organic maple-glazed mixed nuts, dried apple rings, and cinnamon sugar flavored pumpkin seeds which I think add an especially autumnal theme to this great fall gift idea! 


2. Apple Gifts

Applecaramelicious-in-Bambo-610x530I think that apples epitomize the taste of autumn and make great gift basket ideas for Fall. What better way to celebrate the season than to send a gift that highlights the crispy deliciousness of the apple! Our most popular Fall themed gifts that feature apples are our Asian Apple Pear Gift  including premium Asian apple pears, dried asian apple pears, and asian apple pear blossom honey, and Applecarmelicious with freshly picked apples, caramel dipping sauce, and even an apple slicer to make this gift complete!


And speaking of caramel, Fall always makes me think of that sweet, sticky, gooey treat. Maybe it has something to do with the warm color, or childhood memories of caramel apples at the September fair. Our charming new Chocolate Covered Goat Milk Caramels by Big Picture Farm are really outstanding and the box even has a cute little Autumnal looking trees on it! I like to point that out to our customers. (Lauren here. Just had to interject that David is very detail oriented which makes him exceptional at his job along with the fact that he has one of the most pleasant personalities you will ever have the joy of meeting up with! Just ask any of our customers!)

3. Savory Cheese Gifts and Nut Gifts

Cheese can conjure up feelings of golden warmth and rich savory flavors that compliment the cooler weather of Fall. 


We have a wide selection of exceptional Cheese Gifts at various price points and sizes. We re-introduce our soft cheeses in the Fall so I always like to remind customers of their availability. 

Fall is the harvesting season for a variety of nuts such as pecans, almonds, chestnuts, pistachios and walnuts. So I like to suggest fall gift basket ideas that feature nuts in some way. If a customer is looking for an organic Fall gift basket, I always suggest our Organic Cheese Basket. Our savory Tarantaise organic cow milk cheese from Thistle Hill Farm is paired with our scrumptious maple and soy glazed organic nut mix with almonds and pecans. And the best part might be the napkins we use to wrap the cheese knife: they are decorated with leaves and birds in hues that always make me think of Autumn.


4. Get Well and Get Warm Gifts

Get-Well-Hamper-9-2017-610x530One of the downsides to Fall, of course, is the advent of cold season, and by that I mean both cold weather and cold/flu! So this time of year, I start to get an increase in the number of calls for Fall gift basket ideas to say “Get Well” and “Keep Warm”. Manhattan Fruitier has the perfect Get Well Gifts that cater to cosseting and to good health. These gifts include fresh fruit and citrus, Clementine juice, hand painted cookies that say “Feel Better”, “Thinking of You”, and “Get Well”, and a new book of jokes that literally make me laugh out loud. We all know that laughter truly is the best medicine (and that’s the name of the Joke Book too!) 


Because Fall always makes me think of spiced baked goods, I may propose adding our Tea Cookies to one of our fruit baskets. This collection has some nice spiced cookies: “Danielle” is a spiced chocolate cookie with pistachios; “Susanna” is a spiced oat wafer with crystallized ginger. Yum!

5. Holiday Gifts

Halloween Boo-Box-2017-610x530Obviously, as the season changes, I begin to get more calls from our customers who are anticipating the upcoming holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even Christmas and Hanukkah. We always design some really unique and fun holiday gifts and I love describing them to our customers. For example, this year for Halloween we are featuring some “spooky” and delicious hand-iced cookies from Duane Park Patisserie as well as a “haunted” chocolate house from Christophe. We even pay attention to our container: these goodies are all nestled in together in a saffron and cinnamon colored box.

I want to thank David for this detailed and informative blog. If you need gift basket ideas for Fall, don’t hesitate to call us and ask for David: he is never at a loss for a gift idea and is always able to find just the right gift combination to please. And nothing makes David happier than a happy customer!


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