8 Signs of a Good Day at Manhattan Fruitier

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As part of our Maker of the Month profiles, where we interview Manhattan Fruitier food makers to learn more about what makes them tick, we always ask, “What’s a good day at your company?”

I thought I’d pose that question to myself:  What is a good day at Manhattan Fruitier?

A good day at Manhattan Fruitier includes these things, in no particular order:


All gift orders start with a paper work order placed in a sorting box at the beginning of our assembly line. I like to see David, our Head of Customer Service, placing a large stack of orders in the box at the start of each day. More orders come in across the day, of course, but it feels good to start the day strong.

customer service orders


We keep careful track of customer feedback. A good day definitely includes hearing from a customer who takes the time to let us know that we have exceeded their expectations with our products and our service.


I love developing new gifts. A good day would include working with Drew, our Creative Director, and Sarah, our Head of Product Development, on a new gift. Spoiler alert: we’re putting the finishing touches on a gift of a traditional Jewish breakfast (smoked salmon, bagels and cream cheese).


Before we add a product to our gift line we taste it and many others in the category. It involves really thinking about what you like and why. We use a scale for taste, quality, uniqueness and appearance. I really enjoy this process. We’ve just finished tasting fruit jams from 12 different companies. Someone has to do the hard work!

jam tasting


We describe our approach to marketing as doing 1,000 things well. Sara Nakash, our Head of Online Marketing, is always working on doing yet another thing well. On a good day I might see a mention of Manhattan Fruitier in a third party blog, a redesign of our order confirmation emails, or the implementation of a new ad campaign.


Lauren, our Head of Keeping Us Going in the Right Direction, and I devote a lot of our time and energy to developing marketing and product partnerships. On a good day, I see positive results from this work, maybe in the form of a new partner or ongoing work with an existing partner.


Every member of our staff is charged with trying to improve our processes and materials in order to get the best gift delivered in the most efficient way possible. On a good day, I’ll hear that someone came up with a better way to do something – a refrigerator gets moved, a box size gets changed, paper shred for cushioning fruit gets filtered an extra time to eliminate dust, etc.


We just set up a ping-pong table (admittedly we are late to the game). I get a lot of pleasure from seeing people here take a few minutes out of their day to have some fun. Currently, Charles, our Head of Expediting and Plant, is the one to beat!



I’d say it’s a good day when five of these things happen. It’s a GREAT day when they all do.



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I founded Manhattan Fruitier in 1987. We will use our blog to talk more personally to our customers, recipients of gifts, and anyone who happens upon Manhattan Fruitier. We understand the special obligation we have as a gift service. After all, gifts reflect directly upon the sender and have the power to surprise someone and make them happy. Google+
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  1. Dear Manhattan Frutier,
    I am thrilled with finding your wonderful shop on-line! I needed a fruits/cheese/chocolate gift for my daughter who has been studying very hard for her upcoming exams. I spoke with David, who was totally amazing on the phone – his knowledge about the products and passion for what he does is evident. And when he mentioned working with their designer/artist on the floor to “create” my order – I knew that this was a special place. I am in the design field and understand the pride and joy that comes from “creating”.
    The basket was delivered the same day – literally within a couple of hours! It was received joyously by our daughter – with a number of photos sent to Mom and Dad! How can I thank you!

    My best compliment to you is this … “I am delighted to know that places like your Manhattan Frutier do exist. Places that care about their guests, spend some time to understand the needs, are totally personable, offer meaningful suggestions and are more interested “to collaborate on creating the best gift envisioned” than just making a sale, have a strong focus on organic and local fare, and do it all with great finesse.”

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! You will be our “go to” resource in Manhattan.

    With my best wishes for your continued success,

    • Madhu,
      Well, your positive comments certainly started my day off on the right foot. I’m so glad that you had a great experience at Manhattan Fruitier. I’ll be sure to let David and the gift designer know. And if everything works out perfectly, then your daughter will have done better on her exams because of the gift.

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