Holiday Corporate Gift Giving Ideas

At Manhattan Fruitier, our customers tell us about the joy their recipients experience when they receive a beautiful and delicious gift basket on their doorsteps. Business people and corporate executives can follow that lead and offer that same joy to their clients – and their employees – as a show of goodwill and appreciation for their efforts and their positive contributions to the company. Knowing your clients and employees well can make building a beautiful gift basket an easy task. We have a few corporate gift ideas that might assist in creating that special joy.

Organic Fruit & Cheese Basket 

What would a beautiful gift basket be without the sweetest combination of organic fruits, savory cheeses, nuts and dried fruit?

Our Organic Cheese Basket is both healthy and delicious!

Our organic cheese basket makes a perfect corporate gift, especially when you are looking for a gift basket that’s more suited to the colder months. When the temperature drops, cheese is the ultimate comfort food. Healthy and elegant are simpatico in this delightful holiday gift basket.

Add Your Corporate Logo to Your Gift

It’s great to have a few small items representing your company on hand that can be added to a gift basket to promote your company. There are many companies online that will engrave your company logo on a small product, whether it be a baseball cap, t-shirt, thumb drive, mug, pen, frame, can koozie, wristband, or water bottle. Save this corporate gift idea for when you have a bunch of gifts you are sending to launch a new product.

For something a little different in that vein, a couple fun items that can be branded with a logo are cupcakes and cookies with photo transfers of your brand. Chocolate bars and wine bottles can also be engraved with your company insignia. Get your brand in your client’s hands in an unexpected way!

Gift Certificate to a Local Restaurant or Party Space

Nothing engenders more good spirit than a party or a good meal to show your appreciation for their business. A really fun gift to include in your corporate gift basket would be a gift certificate to a local restaurant or party space. This tells the recipients that you know it’s not just about work — quality of life is important, too. A nice dinner hosted by your company is an incredibly thoughtful and appreciative gift.

Break Room Treats

Elevate lunch hour options with lots of gourmet treats in a basket for the employees’ break room.  It’s a real treat to have some new and different artisanal treats on hand. Items like coffee, tea, k-cups and mugs with your company logo can combine with gourmet popcorn, chocolate bars, granola for their morning yogurt, etc. Here is our take on a great corporate gift basket perfect for the break room.

Our Healthy Pop Up Party gift basket has something for everyone!


Ice Cream!

It’s easy these days to ship ice cream anywhere, and ice cream is a favorite treat no matter the time of year. Imagine receiving a box of hard-packed ice cream pints in delectable flavors, perhaps from a local ice cream company in your client’s area or a new, interesting indie vendor in another state. Make sure to also send along some sugar cones, sprinkles, nuts, and chocolate or caramel sauce for a make-your-own sundae party.

A New Year’s Inspiration

Membership or free passes to gyms, yoga centers, and spin classes are very popular items and will inspire wellness. Those items in your gift basket might just spark a renewed interest in getting back on the track, no pun intended. A gift certificate for a FitBit or an Apple watch to help monitor progress and incentivize activity in this age of health, nutrition, and wellness could be just the thing to jumpstart a successful, healthful 2018.

Green Gift

If your company is looking for a “green” holiday gift, look for one that may include a plant for your client’s office. Peace Lilies and Ivy plants are very popular for offices as they require moderate watering and light, and are known for filtering toxins out of the air. Also, Tillandsias, or “air plants,” are great for the office since they don’t require any soil or pots. They are a no muss, no fuss way to add beauty to a business setting.

Fun and Games

If you are sending in December, Christmas Gift Baskets are always a hit when they include something fun for the group. How about including the fun word game Bananagrams or a jigsaw puzzle that can be shared with friends and coworkers in the break room?  Don’t make it too challenging, however, or you may have to add some cocktail mixers to sharpen those competitive types.  Speaking of which…


Wine and Spirits

Prosciutto, Parmegiano and Chianti Gift Basket

 Beverages of all kinds are welcome additions to gift baskets and wine and spirits are always appreciated. With so many types to choose from, it may seem like an overwhelming task to put and wine and food gift together. But Manhattan Fruitier has done the work for you. We have lots of Christmas gift baskets for your corporate clients that elegantly pair fresh fruit and fine food with wines and champagnes that please many different palates. If you aren’t sure about sending an alcoholic beverage, choose instead a bottle of our Italian Organic Blood Orange Juice that delightfully pairs with any gift basket in our collection.

Artisanal Sweets and Treats

Cookies, brownies, whoopie pies and always-popular cupcakes are a welcome addition to any gift basket. But during the holidays an office lunchroom tends to fill with gaudy, preservative-packed, run-of-the-mill chocolates, cookies and frightful fruit cakes. Make your holiday gift basket stand out from the crowd with real and natural ingredient goodies, like homemade craft foods from artisanal bakers who choose quality ingredients over a 2-year shelf life.


Our High Hat Cupcakes wear little cookie “hats” to protect them during shipping!

It’s always the right season to bring that smile and joy we all need to our closest and valued clients.

Best Retirement Gift Ideas for Coworkers

If you’ve been browsing the web for the best retirement gift ideas for coworkers and you’ve landed on this blog post, you’ve come to the right place. Here are twelve foolproof gift ideas to turn your retiree’s last day of work from what could be a maudlin occasion into a celebration and to remind them that when they retire, enjoying life is their new job!

Take Them Out to Lunch or Dinner
Gather your retiree’s work friends and colleagues together for a meal and raise a glass to your co-worker or employee on their last day. This can be an emotional time, even if they are ready and have been looking forward to retirement. Express your genuine appreciation for the work they’ve done but keep it light, share some funny remembrances and emphasize that retirement is an opportunity for new beginnings and experiences.

Create A Book of Memories
Send an email around to all your retiree’s co-workers and friends and family you know and ask them for any photos, group shots or special work memories they have about the retiree. Funny stories, experiences, birthday and holiday parties, it’s not hard to pull together a compilation of visual and written remembrances. Collect these snapshots of a work life in a custom photo book. A book like this can easily be made in iPhoto with a super-easy tutorial and a few clicks on a Mac. When you’re finished, Apple will send you a beautiful, finished, hardbound book of these memories for around $50.00. A very inexpensive but impressive and incredibly thoughtful and personalized gift for your retiree from the whole group.

Spa Visit
Retirement gives ample opportunities for ‘kick back and relax’ time. There aren’t many better places to do that than in a spa. A gift certificate to a local spa, for at least an hour, a day or a weekend can give a much-needed boost to your retiree. It’s amazing what a massage or a soothing facial can do to revitalize the body and mind.

iPad with New Music, Interesting Podcasts, or a Few Good Books
Unless your retiree is the type of person that already has the latest version of every new gadget, it’s a pretty safe bet that an iPad or similar type tablet will be a big hit. You probably have a pretty good idea of your retiree’s general interests. Pre-load a device with some podcasts, music, tv shows or books tailored to their favorite topics and give them a head start at those recreational pursuits they didn’t have time for with their full-time job. Maybe it’s learning Japanese, reading the complete works of Shakespeare or finally binge-watching all five seasons of The Wire.

Gym Membership
“I’m just too tired to go the gym after work” is harder to say when you have more time on your hands. More free time means more “me time” so a great gift for a retiree is a membership to a gym, yoga studio or racquet club to keep them healthy for years to come. A membership to a local gym with a pool with aquatics exercise classes can be particularly beneficial. Water aerobics is a great cardiovascular workout with low-impact on the joints and can help reduce the risk of circulatory problems as we age.

Museum Membership, Film Passes, Concert Tickets
Many retirees renew their appreciation for the arts with their newfound leisure time. There are many events at museums and cultural institutions that have been previously unattainable because of work restraints. Now that free time is no longer a luxury but a daily reality, why not give your retiree a membership to a local museum where he or she can stroll through a gallery on a rainy mid-morning or enjoy an afternoon music recital? Is your retiree a film buff? A generous gift certificate to an online movie-ticketing website like Fandango or a bunch of tickets to their local art house cinema would be a fine gift for a retiree.

Wine, Chocolate, and Roses
It’s time for some decadence and indulgence after years of diligent work put forth by your retiree. Give a retirement gift of wine, chocolate, and roses, a three-part appreciation for all the hard work they’ve done. Send a bottle of wine to toast the past and raise a glass to tomorrow, handmade chocolates to signify the sweetest future of new beginnings and an exquisite floral bouquet to remind them to, yes, stop and smell the roses once in a while and appreciate the beauty of life ahead.

Lottery Tickets
A few Powerball tickets are by no means a suitable retirement gift alone, but can be a fun little addition to another more thoughtful gift of your choosing. Sure, the odds are terrible, but somebody always wins!

Home Delivery of New York Times or Newspaper of Choice
We all find a few hasty moments here and there in our hectic work days to log onto the New York Times or Washington Post, etc. to see what’s happening in the world. Why not gift your retiree with a subscription to the NYT delivered to their door? A home delivery lets your retiree keep up with world events while allowing them the opportunity to linger over the crossword puzzle and the Op-Ed page with their morning coffee. What they might not have had time for before can now become a daily indulgence. The NYT is often referred to as “The Old Grey Lady” but we’ll leave suggestions for retirement jokes up to you.

Fruit Basket
When you’re having some hesitation about what to gift your retiree, go fruit basket, and don’t look back. A fruit basket hits the universal sweet spot of gift giving. As we’ve said before on the blog, we can’t think of any other gift that is both suitable for a business colleague as well as a dearest relative. It’s basically a no-brainer, home-run of a gift choice and many people come to our website when they need a retirement gift. A very popular Manhattan Fruitier retirement gift is the Congratulations Gift Basket collection.

Robe and Slippers
A gift of a robe and slippers is a little on the nose as far as retirement gifts go but it’s the ultimate retirement gag gift your retiree can actually use. A fine quality robe and slippers are always appreciated. Just be sure to let your retiree recipient know you want them to rest easy after busy days of new experiences.

One great benefit to retirement is no more bag lunches! Retirement brings an opportunity for more time to cook and experiment in the kitchen again, especially if your retiree is a foodie. A gift of new cookbooks exploring different cuisines of the world will be a much-appreciated retirement gift that can inspire great meals in the kitchen. Meals that may have a more advanced skill set or require more time than a busy work schedule allowed them previously.

If you know your retiree will be devoting time to travel, a great cookbook may even inform a future trip to an exotic locale that wasn’t on their radar before. Perhaps along with the cookbook, you can suggest – or spring for if you’re really close — an experiential travel itinerary that combines beautiful locales with cooking classes exploring a country’s regional cuisines. Morocco, Mexico City, Portugal, and of course Italy and France, are all particularly well known for esteemed cooking schools that combine education, relaxation and decadent gustation.

We hope one of these farewell gift ideas make finding a perfect one just a little bit easier and maybe even make your retiree’s last day of work extra memorable. Retirement closes a door but can open many others. So, make it an occasion to celebrate!

7 Perfect Gifts for the Healthy Foodie

If you are reading this, it’s a safe bet that you or someone close to you is a foodie, most likely a healthy foodie, and you’re on the hunt for some healthy gift ideas.

Remember way back when food was mostly consumed for sustenance and to stave off hunger? Me neither. Food is a major hobby now and foodies are its enthusiasts. And what a great time to be one! Still, it can be a little work finding quality foods that are tasty AND healthy at the same time, especially if you are looking for healthy food gift ideas.

From birthdays to holidays, finding gift ideas for healthy eaters can be daunting. At Manhattan Fruitier, we’ve made it our business over the last thirty years to offer healthy gifts to our customers. So, we know a thing or two — or seven — about perfect gifts for the healthy foodie.

#1. Organic Fresh Fruit Baskets
Organic Fresh Fruit Gift BasketIt goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway – organic fresh fruit baskets are the gold standard for healthy gift ideas. Who wouldn’t be thrilled with a gorgeous fruit basket filled with pick-of-the-season, ripe organic fruits? Our organic fruit baskets are like edible floral bouquets, bursting with flavor, freshness and fragrance.

There is no other gift in my mind that is so universally appealing and appropriate than an organic fruit basket. What other gift could you send to a business colleague you don’t know very well or to your dearest Mom and delight them both?

#2. Vegan Gifts
Choosing Vegan gifts for healthy eaters is an excellent idea if you want to give a gift of food that promotes good health, is thoughtfully delicious, and is a safe bet if you aren’t sure if your healthy foodie steers clear of all animal and dairy products.

Strictly VeganBe careful though — sometimes foods we think are vegan actually aren’t. Honey isn’t. Most refined sugar isn’t either. Stay away from most packaged shelled peanuts and some soy-based cheeses, sauces and dressings (gelatin and anchovies being the culprits). And unless specified, skip the marshmallows and gummy bears too.

If you want to find vegan gifts for healthy eaters that won’t give you any pause, just applause, consider our Strictly Vegan gifts.  We’ve chosen each item in our vegan baskets for their quality, uncompromising adherence to vegan standards and ingredients that are so delicious you can gift them to any discerning foodie.

#3. Organic Teas
Tea is the new coffee for healthy foodies. A great healthy gift idea is a sampling of organic teas. White, Green, Black — they all have different health benefits and are a sustaining gift that can be enjoyed for weeks or months, depending on how avid a tea drinker your Healthy Foodie is.

At Manhattan Fruitier, we feature two types of tea, an Organic Oolong and an Organic Black Ceylon, both from Bellocq Tea Atelier in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Bellocq Organic Oolong Green Tea Organic High Mountain Oolong is a prized tea, appreciated by tea connoisseurs like a superior wine. Each mountain region where it’s grown produces an Oolong tea with its own perfume and flavors, and like wine, a harvest that changes every year. Our Oolong is grown organically in the ancient soil of the Vietnamese mountains and is made from the larger leaves of the lower part of the Camellia bush.

All types of tea, except herbal tea, come from the dried leaves of the Camellia Sinensis bush. How oxidized the leaves are determines what type of tea — white tea being the least, black tea being the most.

High Mountain Oolong has a short fermentation period that creates a green tea with a verdant, floral aroma and a bold earthy taste with subtle honey notes.

Bellocq_Queens Guard Organic Tea The Queen’s Guard is a decidedly elegant tea for a healthy foodie. This Bellocq Tea blend was inspired by classic, dew-studded English gardens. It’s an ethereal blend of loose full-leaf organic Ceylon tea, organic rose petals and organic lavender. Ceylon tea is from Sri Lanka and is widely known for its high polyphenolic (micro-nutrients that contain important antioxidants) content.

#4. Pantry Items and Spices
Most healthy foodies do a fair amount of cooking at home. With so many once exotic ingredients now readily available at your local Whole Foods Market or specialty-food store, it’s easy to travel the world without leaving your kitchen.

Healthy snacks for every panty

When considering healthy gift ideas, a really good one is healthy food gifts for the home pantry. Maybe an extra-virgin olive oil from a small producer in Italy; or a sampling of unusual cooking ingredients for savory dishes like artisanal soy and fish sauces, or preserved lemons from Tunisia.

A great and sustainable pantry gift for healthy foodies is a sampling of heirloom grains and legumes from visionary American farms like Anson Mills and Rancho Gordo. These growers have rescued organic heirloom varieties from the brink of extinction.

Salts and spices from different regions of the world are always a welcome gift for healthy eaters too.

#5. Juicers and Blenders

Fresh fruit for homemade juicesJuices and smoothies have never been more popular than they are right now. Whether your healthy foodie is starting a cleanse or just needs to switch up a boring breakfast routine, a juicer or a blender is an excellent gift that, yes, keeps on giving for months and years to come. Gifting a blender is a more versatile choice for your healthy foodie since that would also give them an option to make soups and sauces too.

Most of the love lately goes to Vitamix blenders, but I’m partial to the Brevil Boss blender. It has just as much horsepower and velocity for pulverizing raw beets and greens, but is much prettier on your countertop.

#6. Dried Fruit and Nuts

Healthy dried fruit and nut giftsA list of healthy gift ideas wouldn’t be complete without adding great quality dried fruit and nuts to the mix. Dried fruit, especially non-sulfured, natural, and organic dried fruit is a fantastic, universally appealing gift for a healthy foodie.

A sampling of dried fruits as a gift for healthy eaters is like giving a fruit basket they can eat for more than just a few days, as dried fruits and nuts have a very long shelf-life and require no refrigeration.

Even though they are highly caloric, studies have shown eating a handful of nuts can play a role in weight maintenance and longevity. The wooden box of dried fruits and nuts pictured above is a classic beauty.

#7. Healthy Comfort Foods
Sometimes they feel like a health nut, sometimes they don’t. Either way, a gift like our best-selling Pop-Up Party basket satisfies both the yin and yang of a Healthy Foodie’s hunger pangs.

Healthy Pop Up Party

When looking for healthy gift ideas, this one is all upside and packed with traditional party foods that bring an uncommon twist of happy and healthy to an impromptu gathering of friends or a Netflix night, sofa for one, please.

Snacks like a microwave popcorn made from ancient heirloom, non-GMO corn kernels and real butter(!), a huge bag of organic jumbo barrel peanuts in the shell, tortilla chips made from falafel paired with a salsa of fresh tomatillos and serrano chiles. Rounded out with roasted chickpeas and caramel corn in six unique flavors. Did we have you at microwave popcorn?

We hope these 7 healthy gift ideas for the foodies in your life will inspire you to always keep health in mind when a gifting occasion comes along. By inspiring people to stay healthy, you’ll most likely be inspired to stay healthy too!

10 Best Gifts for Yoga Lovers

When the next gift occasion arises, take advantage of yoga’s ever-increasing popularity for a fresh take on traditional gift giving. In addition to the millions of yoga devotees already practicing in the U.S., another eighty million people (34% of the population!)  will give yoga their first try this year. So, why not consider a yoga-themed gift?

Chances are high that one of your friends, family members, or co-workers are enjoying the benefits of the mat. Maybe you know someone with a committed daily practice, or have a friend that’s musing with an intention to start.

Of course, finding the perfect gift for yoga lovers can be challenging, but you already have a leg up – or a down-dog split – knowing their interest. So, you’re on the right track but still stumped on what you should get the yoga lover in your life?  You’ve got this. Take a deep, controlled breath and get inspired by our choices for the top ten best gifts for yoga lovers.

#1. Aromatherapy: Essential Oils and Room Diffusers
Essential oils are a simple, wonderful gift to enhance a yoga or meditation practice by helping yogis connect with an intention. Often essential oils can help capture the spirit of certain qualities. For instance, Lemon is associated with mental clarity and attention. Peppermint, a joyful exuberance and energy. Lavender, relaxation and peaceful communication. They can also make a room smell pretty!

Two or three different essential oils with an ultrasonic room diffuser are great gifts for yoga lovers. Just a few drops of an essential oil combined with water in it’s base can instantly create a soothing or stimulating atmosphere. Yogi’s choice.

I’m particularly fond of the exceptionally high-quality DoTerra brand of pure, cold-pressed essential oils, and for a tasteful, modern ultrasonic diffuser that would unobtrusively work with a decor, Muji’s is the best.

#2. Water Bottle
Gifting a water bottle for a yoga lover is a no-brainer, but it can be a struggle to find one that’s kind to the earth, has style for days, and is light enough for the gym bag. We picked this one for our line of yoga gifts because it satisfies all three of those requirements. Designed by LAB[O] in Montreal, CA, our water bottle is actually made of glass, but don’t worry, it’s protected by a zippered silicone sleeve. BPA and phthalates-free to boot. How refreshing!

Yoga Water Bottle

#3. Yoga Travel Mat
Gifting a yoga mat to a yoga lover can be tricky. With different types of mats suited for different yoga practices, where do you start?  A thicker mat is a great choice for a yogi who enjoys a more restorative practice. Look for a mat that will have a stickier grip for those who enjoy a higher energy vinyasa or bikram class to help them avoid slipping and sliding out of their poses.

So, you know they love yoga, but what if you aren’t sure which kind? Trust that most yogis already have a mat they like. What they probably don’t have and where you can help them the most is by giving them a Yoga Travel Mat.

Oftentimes, a vacation can wreak havoc with even the most dedicated yoga practitioner. Even standard-size mats can be awkward, heavy and prohibitive to carry. A travel mat can easily fold or roll into a carry-on bag or backpack to bring their practice with them wherever they go. My personal favorite is the Manduka eko superlite.

One of the most valuable lessons yoga students first learn is the importance of “just showing up”. It’s a lot easier when the mat can come with you!

#4. Headband
Stylish and sweaty doesn’t have to be an oxymoron if you work it right. A great, affordable gift for a yoga lover is a headband that can absorb the side effects of a vigorous yoga workout, while keeping their hair suitable for any before or after class errands. Ponytails and barrettes are great, but a headband can keep distractions like pesky flyaway hairs and perspiration out of their eyes so they can focus on the important stuff, like breath and alignment.

Choose a wide headband that can serve a dual purpose. A headband like this can be easily pulled down over the eyes for a blissed-out savasana.

#5. Organic Fruits and Snacks
The revered yoga master, B.K.S. Iyengar, who is credited with bringing the ancient practice of yoga to the West said “Healthy plants and trees yield abundant flowers and fruits. Similarly, from a healthy person, smiles and happiness shine forth like the rays of the sun.”

Making the right food choices plays an incredibly important role in any yoga student’s well-rounded practice. Nourishing the body with wholesome foods lays a foundation for nourishing the mind.

Organic Bounty

Help the yogi take their practice from the mat to the dining table with healthy snacks to nourish the body.

We believe one of the best gifts for yoga lovers is one that extends their practice from the mat to the dining table. Our Organic Bounty gift basket does just that. Filled with certified-organic fruits, both fresh and dried, and organic nuts, cheese, crackers and jam, it’s a universally appealing gift for yoga lovers of any age or gender, beginners or advanced.

#6. Homemade Yoga Mat Cleaner Sprays
How lovely to craft a yoga gift yourself and have it be a gift they actually need! Every yoga lover can benefit from a yoga mat cleaner and making one is not as hard as you’d think! Here is a super-simple 3-ingredient recipe (distilled water, witch hazel, and essential oils) you can make in minutes that will keep yoga lover’s mats fresh and clean for many vinyasa classes to come. Rather than one big bottle, this recipe makes a trio of 2 oz. spray bottles, each with a different scent, for easy, everyday travels back and forth to yoga class.
Simple Steps and Ingredients for a Homemade Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray:

– Fill each 2oz. spray bottle (found at any beauty supply store or Amazon) three-quarters of the way full with Distilled Water.

– Shake three drops of either tea tree, eucalyptus, or peppermint essential oil (all known for their antibacterial and antifungal properties) into each spray bottle.

– Fill the bottles the rest of the way up to the top with witch hazel, close tight and give them a gentle shake. Give them a quick spray. Do they have enough scent? Go ahead and add another drop until it’s to your liking.

– Last step, the fun part. Find some adhesive labels and get creative with a signature design and brand for each bottle.

#7. Yoga Bolster
Every yoga enthusiast has a mat at home for their practice, but most yogis only take advantage of a bolster when they are at a yoga studio. One of our top gifts for yoga lovers is a bolster for home use.  A bolster is an important tool or prop used in a wide range of restorative yoga poses that can have the added bonus of being used as a meditation cushion.

Meditation and yoga are so closely intertwined that people who practice one are really also practicing the other in one form or another. Both practices explore the mind/body connection and having the proper tools within reach makes achieving a daily dedication to one’s practice so much more attainable. When choosing the perfect bolster as a gift for yoga lovers, choose a rectangular bolster with exceptional firmness and support with an upholstery-grade fabric covering. This bolster is my favorite.

#8. Yoga Blocks
In addition to bolsters, another yoga prop most people only access at their local studio is yoga blocks. These are an integral part of any yoga practice, no matter what experience level. Lightweight cork or recycled-foam yoga blocks are a great gift for yoga lovers who appreciate the tools that get them closer to good alignment, balance and stretch!

Yogis and non-yogis alike would all benefit from a Supported Fish Pose for a few minutes a day. This pose, supported by yoga blocks, expands the chest and throat, which is a great counteraction to the inevitable afternoon slump.

#9. Yoga Gift Baskets
Our absolute favorite gift for yoga lovers has to be our collection of Yoga Baskets. A woven bamboo basket combines organic fresh apples, organic maple glazed mixed nuts, and organic banana and mango slices, and, of course, essential yoga accessories. In addition to a thick, cotton strap for reaching those deeper stretches, and a silky eye pillow for a restful savasana, we’ve added our unique and so very chic water bottle designed by LAB[O] in Montreal, CA to the healthy mix. So good!

Yoga Gift Basket

#10. Gift Certificate to their favorite Yoga Studio or Retreat
When you are thinking about a gift for a yoga lover, perhaps the most appreciated gift you can give them is a gift certificate to a local yoga studio of their choice.

While a lot of practicing yogis are already enrolled in a monthly membership to a yoga studio or gym that has yoga classes, most yoga studios have special workshops or events that are not included in a rolling membership and are outside of this monthly payment. That’s where a gift certificate can really come in handy.

I have a monthly membership to a yoga studio in Brooklyn that covers unlimited classes, but my mother just treated me to a gift certificate at the same studio which I used for a four-part tai chi workshop. Thanks Mom!

Whatever gifts you end up choosing for the yoga lover in your life, know that picking a gift that is closely connected to a practice that brings health and happiness to their life will make you feel great too!