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Memories of Easter Sundays past evoke thoughts of egg painting, family scavenger hunts, the Macy’s Flower Show, colorful Easter brunches and especially one of the most prominent Easter icons – the Easter Bunny!

Happy Easter

Bunnies are not only the most popular symbol of Easter, but make wonderful pets too. Being the proud owner of three rabbits since 2010, I’ve had the pleasure of observing their varied personalities. Buster, a Lionhead and my oldest bunny, is very curious and often enjoys going on solo expeditions around the house. He must be a very health-conscious rabbit because he tends to eschew sugary treats. Mimi, a Holland Lop, loves to lounge about all day and enjoys squeezing herself into snug little hiding places where it is difficult to find her. She likes eating small amounts of oatmeal and has a special love for yogurt treats. Bailey, my spunky teenaged Mini-Rex rabbit, loves to chew…everything from baseboards to bed sheets and he also happens to be an avid digger. Bailey will pretty much attempt to eat anything that he’s unfamiliar with, but like a human baby, I understand that it is simply his way of exploring.

I consider my rabbits to be exceptional family members! Even though rabbits are most active during the night and can sometimes demand attention in the early morning hours, they’ve always been such a pleasure to be with. Whenever I come home they greet me (and any guests I may bring) with giddy hops and poke their noses through their cages asking to be showered with attention, snacks and affection. Mimi likes to prance around her cage with a toy in her mouth to show her excitement. If I’ve slept in on a Saturday morning, Buster who is my oldest bunny, will stomp his foot. I believe he’s either warning me that I may be late for something or he is telling me that it’s time to pay attention to him. Bailey loves to watch me from the moment I close my eyes at night to when I wake up in the morning. He is very attuned to me and I find his constant vigilance an adorable trait of his.

Not surprisingly, many baby bunnies are given as gifts to children on Easter and a bunny can be a great family pet. If you are thinking of giving a bunny as a gift, please be sure the family is well prepared to give it the care and nurturing it needs. A pet is a long-term commitment and responsibility. Rabbits can live for 10 years or more! If you aren’t in the market for a new pet, a foolproof alternative to a LIVE bunny is a CHOCOLATE bunny which will always be a welcomed treat.


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