How Can You Tell if a Watermelon is Ripe?

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watermelon slices

There is no fool-proof way to determine if a watermelon is ripe without cutting into it.

The best you can do is look for certain signs:

Weight: A ripe watermelon consists of 90% water, so the heavier the better!

weighing watermelon

Size: It’s not necessarily true that a big watermelon is ripe, but if choosing between watermelons you might want to choose a relatively large one assuming they are from the same grower.

watermelon size

Sound: A ripe watermelon is dense and produces a deep hollow sound when you tap the outside with your knuckles. Compare with other watermelons and select the one that sounds/feels the densest.

tapping watermelon

Spot: A watermelon sits on the ground as it grows. There’s a spot on the melon where it contacted the ground. Find that spot. A yellow-colored spot suggests ripeness. A white or pale green spot indicates immaturity.

yellow spot on watermelon

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