Holiday Corporate Gift Giving Ideas

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At Manhattan Fruitier, our customers tell us about the joy their recipients experience when they receive a beautiful and delicious gift basket on their doorsteps. Business people and corporate executives can follow that lead and offer that same joy to their clients – and their employees – as a show of goodwill and appreciation for their efforts and their positive contributions to the company. Knowing your clients and employees well can make building a beautiful gift basket an easy task. We have a few corporate gift ideas that might assist in creating that special joy.

Organic Fruit & Cheese Basket 

What would a beautiful gift basket be without the sweetest combination of organic fruits, savory cheeses, nuts and dried fruit?

Our Organic Cheese Basket is both healthy and delicious!

Our organic cheese basket makes a perfect corporate gift, especially when you are looking for a gift basket that’s more suited to the colder months. When the temperature drops, cheese is the ultimate comfort food. Healthy and elegant are simpatico in this delightful holiday gift basket.

Add Your Corporate Logo to Your Gift

It’s great to have a few small items representing your company on hand that can be added to a gift basket to promote your company. There are many companies online that will engrave your company logo on a small product, whether it be a baseball cap, t-shirt, thumb drive, mug, pen, frame, can koozie, wristband, or water bottle. Save this corporate gift idea for when you have a bunch of gifts you are sending to launch a new product.

For something a little different in that vein, a couple fun items that can be branded with a logo are cupcakes and cookies with photo transfers of your brand. Chocolate bars and wine bottles can also be engraved with your company insignia. Get your brand in your client’s hands in an unexpected way!

Gift Certificate to a Local Restaurant or Party Space

Nothing engenders more good spirit than a party or a good meal to show your appreciation for their business. A really fun gift to include in your corporate gift basket would be a gift certificate to a local restaurant or party space. This tells the recipients that you know it’s not just about work — quality of life is important, too. A nice dinner hosted by your company is an incredibly thoughtful and appreciative gift.

Break Room Treats

Elevate lunch hour options with lots of gourmet treats in a basket for the employees’ break room.  It’s a real treat to have some new and different artisanal treats on hand. Items like coffee, tea, k-cups and mugs with your company logo can combine with gourmet popcorn, chocolate bars, granola for their morning yogurt, etc. Here is our take on a great corporate gift basket perfect for the break room.

Our Healthy Pop Up Party gift basket has something for everyone!


Ice Cream!

It’s easy these days to ship ice cream anywhere, and ice cream is a favorite treat no matter the time of year. Imagine receiving a box of hard-packed ice cream pints in delectable flavors, perhaps from a local ice cream company in your client’s area or a new, interesting indie vendor in another state. Make sure to also send along some sugar cones, sprinkles, nuts, and chocolate or caramel sauce for a make-your-own sundae party.

A New Year’s Inspiration

Membership or free passes to gyms, yoga centers, and spin classes are very popular items and will inspire wellness. Those items in your gift basket might just spark a renewed interest in getting back on the track, no pun intended. A gift certificate for a FitBit or an Apple watch to help monitor progress and incentivize activity in this age of health, nutrition, and wellness could be just the thing to jumpstart a successful, healthful 2018.

Green Gift

If your company is looking for a “green” holiday gift, look for one that may include a plant for your client’s office. Peace Lilies and Ivy plants are very popular for offices as they require moderate watering and light, and are known for filtering toxins out of the air. Also, Tillandsias, or “air plants,” are great for the office since they don’t require any soil or pots. They are a no muss, no fuss way to add beauty to a business setting.

Fun and Games

If you are sending in December, Christmas Gift Baskets are always a hit when they include something fun for the group. How about including the fun word game Bananagrams or a jigsaw puzzle that can be shared with friends and coworkers in the break room?  Don’t make it too challenging, however, or you may have to add some cocktail mixers to sharpen those competitive types.  Speaking of which…


Wine and Spirits

Prosciutto, Parmegiano and Chianti Gift Basket

 Beverages of all kinds are welcome additions to gift baskets and wine and spirits are always appreciated. With so many types to choose from, it may seem like an overwhelming task to put and wine and food gift together. But Manhattan Fruitier has done the work for you. We have lots of Christmas gift baskets for your corporate clients that elegantly pair fresh fruit and fine food with wines and champagnes that please many different palates. If you aren’t sure about sending an alcoholic beverage, choose instead a bottle of our Italian Organic Blood Orange Juice that delightfully pairs with any gift basket in our collection.

Artisanal Sweets and Treats

Cookies, brownies, whoopie pies and always-popular cupcakes are a welcome addition to any gift basket. But during the holidays an office lunchroom tends to fill with gaudy, preservative-packed, run-of-the-mill chocolates, cookies and frightful fruit cakes. Make your holiday gift basket stand out from the crowd with real and natural ingredient goodies, like homemade craft foods from artisanal bakers who choose quality ingredients over a 2-year shelf life.


Our High Hat Cupcakes wear little cookie “hats” to protect them during shipping!

It’s always the right season to bring that smile and joy we all need to our closest and valued clients.

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A passion for handcrafted foods and love for their natural, aesthetic beauty brought Sarah Palmer to Manhattan Fruitier over 15 years ago where she has helped shape the art of gifting, designing fresh fruit baskets and fine food gifts of unequaled beauty and quality.

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