Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Kids, Tweens and Adults

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I’ll leave it to others to explain the origins of the pagan and popular Easter activity known as the “Easter Egg Hunt”. Suffice it to say that it is enjoyed around the world by children of all ages. Almost every city, every town, and every county across the United States hosts an annual Easter Egg Hunt. Neighbors gather together in playgrounds and families congregate in back yards. Whether large and public such as the long-standing (since 1878) White House Easter Egg Roll, typically attended by Presidents and their families, or a smaller and more intimate event, the Easter holiday would not be complete without an Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt events usually involve more than just scavenging for hidden eggs. Often there are other “egg-related” games and activities such as: Easter Egg Rolls, Easter Egg Toss, Egg and Spoon Race and Easter Egg Decorating. Larger events might include music and other entertainment, face painting, arts & crafts, balloon animals, petting zoos (with an emphasis on bunnies!), story-telling and perhaps a visit from the Easter Bunny him- (or her-) self!

Easter Egg Games for Kids
Younger children should be separated lest they be run over by the more aggressive older kids, and for the little ones, you can hide the Easter Eggs in more obvious and easy-to-get-to places. You could also make a trail of Easter Bunny foot prints for the youngest kids to hop-along to bring them directly to the Easter Egg’s secret hiding places. Children of all ages will prefer Easter Eggs that are not real, but are chocolate or plastic with treats inside (think small candies or coins).

When planning an Easter Egg Hunt for mixed age groups, be sure to include at least a few other activities that will be appropriate for different age groups. For example, competitive games, such as the ones listed above, are fun for most older kids, but not fitting for toddlers, who may enjoy face painting more. For Easter Egg decorating, keep it simple for the younger ones with a few dye baths already prepared and some stickers. For older children, you can supply paintbrushes and variety of items to glue on.

Easter Egg Hunts for Tweens
Older kids will be more interested in participating in an Easter Egg Hunt if the pursuit takes more effort, so hide the eggs in some harder to find, more out of the way places and vary the locations from ground level to eye level and above.

Tweens are better able to work as a group. Divide into teams and provide each with a different “map” to find the hidden eggs. Or hide Easter eggs of different colors and then give each team a color to collect. Provide prizes for the teams who find all of their hidden eggs, and/or a special grand prize for the one person who finds the unique egg (often the “Golden” Egg).

Another way to make an Easter Egg Hunt different and more fun for tweens is to make it at night. Organize it for the Saturday night before Easter Sunday. Have people bring their own flashlights (or cell phones!) and their own containers.

Adult Easter Egg Hunts
Adults can really enjoy with an Easter Egg party. Everything can be elevated! Easter Egg decorating can be an art form. Even so, I doubt just anyone could paint an Easter Egg like the ones we have in our Easter Baskets at Manhattan Fruitier! Christopher Paume hand-paints these praline filled chocolate eggs so that the uniquely blended colors shine like gemstones, and the speckling patterns are drawn from nature.

Photography by Emily Kabalkin.
You may have a hard time biting into these beauties!

Be sure to set up all the Easter Egg games. Adults love having the opportunity to act like kids. Everyone will want to participate. In between egg-related races, you can sip on mimosas — perfect for a Sunday brunch party — and other nibbles that are more substantial and more interesting than the fare you would find at a kids party. For dessert, perhaps a carrot cake is called for!

Kids love to get their hands dirty. So another fun activity for an adult Easter Egg party might be making chocolate Easter Eggs or chocolate Easter Bunnies. There are a plethora of recipes readily available on the internet. You’d have to be willing to give over your kitchen to the potential mess, but your guests will certainly remember the occasion.

If you aren’t up for a party this year, you can always celebrate the Easter holiday buy sending (or treating yourself to) one of our Easter baskets designed to please kids, tweens and adults alike! We offer adorable artisanal peeps made by Duane Park Patisserie, chocolate bunnies keeping warm in their charming “sweaters”, and the hand-painted Easter Eggs with fruit in two sizes: choose Hippity or Hoppity! Or you can order any of the Easter-themed items alone.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

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