Why We’re Not Selling Ice Cream This Summer.

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Many of you have asked us why we’re not selling ice cream or popsicles this summer. It’s been one of our most beloved gifts and people look forward to it every year.

Well, the answer is “the environment” and “our consciences.”

We have decided not to send frozen gifts because they have such a negative impact on the environment.

summer ice cream scoop and bucketIce cream shipped across the country is pretty amazing and as much as we know how delighted people are when they open up a gift of ice cream and cones on a hot summer day, we don’t think that the ends justify the means. Ice cream or popsicles, whether delivered locally in NYC or shipped nationwide, impact the environment negatively in two ways:  the styrofoam containers required for delivering a frozen product basically never biodegrade and the dry ice used to keep the ice cream frozen is basically evaporating from the instant it is made, which means wasted energy at every point along its very short life.

We researched styrofoam alternatives, including containers made from corn and mushroom spores. Neither proved they could do the job, although the mushroom containers are a very exciting new eco-friendly packaging alternative that may be a game changer in the future. Check out this recent profile by Ian Frazier in the New Yorker about Ecovative Design. Bravo mushroom guys!.

We’ve always tended to be green here at Manhattan Fruitier because our classic aesthetic has ruled out the usual gift basket industry trappings of plastic fillers, shrink wrap, synthetic bows etc. We have also done our very best to source materials from sustainable sources as local as possible, even if it costs us more. Our 100% post-consumer recyclable cardboard is made across the river in N.J, and our cotton ribbons are made in Philadelphia. We strive to do right by the environment in all our purchasing decisions.

That’s why the idea of another summer of styrofoam, daily trips in the van for the dry ice pick up and running extra freezers started gnawing at us. So, the long and short of it is, we’re doing our small part to not unnecessarily injure the environment, even if it means losing sales. We hope you understand and support our decision.

Jehv Gold, Owner

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