Adam Suerte, former MF staffer, is featured artist in BK Spectator

Adam Suerte in Brooklyn Spectator

Former Manhattan Fruitier staffer Adam Suerte was the featured artist in the inaugural issue of The Brooklyn Spectator (May 2011). Adam worked at MF in the early 1990s in his first job out of RISD. He later founded Brooklyn Tattoo, NYC’s acclaimed artist-centric tattoo shop on Smith Street in BK. We are big fans.

Darling Baby Booties Are a Hit With New Parents

baby girl wearing hand crocheted booties from Manhattan Fruitier

We carry a couple of baby gift baskets that include not only fruit, but hand crocheted baby booties. Of course we think they are darling, but it is always sweet to see our gifts appreciated in the homes of happy new parents.  One of our customers recently emailed us a photo they received after sending our Baby Hamper & cupcakes:

“Hi everyone,

Thank you for the kind messages and the gift basket! We enjoyed the fruit and cupcakes while our girl was trying on her new super cute booties. Miss you all and will see you soon!”

This cheery email brightened our unseasonably cold Spring morning and hope that all of you are staying warm today. Is it snowing in your state today too?

Did Someone Say “Kumquats”?

Kumquat Facts:
– Only fruit that has sweeter skin than meat.
– There are two types of kumquat grown in the United States (Nagami and Meiwa)
– Nagamis are oval and the most common kind – when growing, they can withstand temperatures as low as 14 degrees F
– Meiwas are round and mostly grown in China and Japan – they can also be kept as a houseplant
– The shortest kumquat shrub is still taller than an NBA center (2.5m or 8ft)
– Kumquats are a good source of Potassium and Vitamin C
– Also a source of Cryptoxanthin, lutein, and zeaxanthin, which defend your cells from damage and protect your eyes from age-related degeneration
– As far as we know, no one has died while eating a kumquat
– If you continuously eat kumquats, you may live forever.
– Popular uses:
– Eat raw by themselves – meat and skin
– Add to salads
– Turn into marmalade or jam
– Drink in kumquat liqueur or use as a cocktail garnish
– It is impossible to hate kumquats because of their cuteness.

Special thanks to Andrew Valente for assembling these facts.