Rare Fruit Still Life by 19th-Century African American Artist Robert Seldon Duncanson

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Still Life with Fruit and Nuts, Robert Seldon Duncanson

We came across this beautiful Still Life with Fruit and Nuts (1848) by Robert Seldon Duncanson during our regular search for beautiful fruit images.

Robert Seldon Ducanson (1821-1872) was a self-taught African-American artist from Cincinatti. This fruit still life was added to the collection of the National Gallery of Art earlier this year. The painting is a diminutive 12 by 16 inches. The classical composition is a study of textures, juxtaposing velvety smooth fruits with rough nuts and wrinkled currants. The contrasts among these objects are brilliantly executed.

“The National Gallery of Art has long been seeking works by Duncanson, and we were very pleased to learn of this painting, which is a particularly fine example of his work in this genre,” said Earl A. Powell III, director, National Gallery of Art. “We continue to look for an outstanding example of the landscape paintings for which Duncanson was widely recognized during his lifetime.”

Duncanson, National Gallery of Art

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