Open House (with lottery) to Celebrate 25th Year Anniversary

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Lottery drawing at Open House

On September 20 we celebrated our 25th anniversary and our new location with a festive open house. Those who attended included our staff and their friends & family as well as our vendors and new neighbors. Even though we all were committed to a “no left overs” policy, we didn’t manage to finish the wine, beer or food. We may have our “open house license” revoked!

We had a lottery drawing every 30 minutes where we gave away Manhattan Fruitier delectables. Winners went home especially happy. One delighted winner let out a “yippee” when her number was called. She later explained that she’d never won anything before. Let’s hope her good luck continues.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has had a positive connection with Manhattan Fruitier for helping us over this past quarter century.

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