Encore Performance of Apple Giveaway in Central Park

Even the horses got apples

For a second week in a row we gave out free organic apples to people waiting in line for tickets to Shakespeare in the Park performance of “Into the Woods”. As happened last week, the Park Ranger horses sniffed their way to the apples. The rangers said the horses veered in the direction of the apples from quite a distance. Since the horses have mouth bits, we gave the rangers apple treats to be shared with their mounts later at the stables. Total apples given away: 548 to people in line and 2 to horses.

Theatrical Apple Giveaway in Central Park Today

Free Apples Given to People Waiting in Line in Central Park

Today we rolled a red wagon filled with 500 organic apples into Central Park and gave FREE apples to people waiting in line for tickets to “Into the Woods,” playing at the Delacorte Theater August evenings. The line starts forming in the very early AM, and snakes its way for several hundred yards — with as many as 500 people waiting for limited free tickets to that night’s performance. The giveaway was a “crunching” success. The sweet and crispy organic Crip’s Pink apples were much appreciated, providing a boost of energy to the waiting crowd. Not surprisingly, much good feeling was exchanged!

Shakespeare in the Park