The Mediterranean Diet Collection – The First of our HealthWise Gifts.

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Last December, we were talking to a friendly long-time customer who happens to be a nutritionist. She told us that she thought we weren’t doing enough to highlight the healthy nature of our fruit gifts. We agreed. We invited her to come visit our new facility in Long Island City in early 2013, after our holiday rush,and we talked about ideas for further developing a line of healthy food gift baskets. The result is our new line of HealthWise gifts, launching as a collection later this summer.Right now we are ready to introduce the first of our HealthWise gifts, our Mediterranean Diet Hampers. These 3 hampers, whimsically named Amalfi, Capri and Santorini, all feature the quintessential ingredients of the Mediterranean diet.


our Santorini hamper includes the basic ingredients of the Mediterranean diet. It’s a perfect gift for anyone who wants to eat healthily – or just loves Mediterranean food.

The Mediterranean diet is based on the eating patterns and traditional cuisines of people from the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Basin including Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Morocco, among others. A healthy Mediterranean diet emphasizes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fish, olive oil, nuts, and herbs and spices. Red meats, processed foods and sweets are minimized. Epidemiological studies found that people living in these countries had lower rates of heart disease. Thus began more focused research into the health benefits of this approach to eating.

The Mediterranean diet has always been popular, but each time a new medical research study reports

positive health benefits for people who follow it, this diet’s popularity peaks. The Mediterranean diet has been linked to cardiovascular health, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and healthy cognitive functioning. Most recently, the New York Times reported on a large, rigorous prospective research study that compared the risk of heart attacks and strokes among people who were randomly selected to follow the Mediterranean diet with the risks for a similar group of people who did not follow this diet. The researchers found that the participants on the Mediterranean diet had their risk reduced by 30%! The results were so strong that they stopped the study early.

One of the reasons the Mediterranean diet is popular among people who choose a healthy lifestyle is that is it easy to follow! There are few restrictions and it is not low calorie or low fat. Olive oil features prominently as do fish high in omega 3 fatty acids. The olive oil and herbs and spices bring distinctive and delightful flavors to cooking. Even wine is allowed in moderation.

We are excited to introduce our healthy line of gifts to Manhattan Fruitier. Coming up next: a gift of fresh seasonal fruit with a scrumptious gluten-free treat from the certified gluten-free only kitchen of Kyotofu. Check back soon for more HealthWise gifts for different dietary needs —- and let us know which healthy gifts you’d like to see at Manhattan Fruitier.

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When I joined Jehv to help him run Manhattan Fruitier, I was so inspired by spending the day surrounded by the color and vibrancy of fresh fruits, leaves and flowers. I still am. Every day I make sure to meander through the production area so that I can watch our gift baskets being made. Although it would certainly be easier to make a product that wasn’t so fragile and perishable, it makes me very happy to be a part of creating something so beautiful.
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