Christie Brinkley & Manhattan Fruitier Fruit Basket in “Chicago” Dressing Room

Christie Brinkley & Manhattan Fruitier in "Chicago" Dressing Room

We were recently tickled to deliver a Manhattan Fruitier fruit basket to Christie Brinkley in her “Chicago” dressing room on Broadway. In the Access Hollywood video, Ms. Brinkley says, “Look at this! Oh, that’s gorgeous!”

Well thanks for the compliment, Christie Brinkley!

Darling Baby Booties Are a Hit With New Parents

baby girl wearing hand crocheted booties from Manhattan Fruitier

We carry a couple of baby gift baskets that include not only fruit, but hand crocheted baby booties. Of course we think they are darling, but it is always sweet to see our gifts appreciated in the homes of happy new parents.  One of our customers recently emailed us a photo they received after sending our Baby Hamper & cupcakes:

“Hi everyone,

Thank you for the kind messages and the gift basket! We enjoyed the fruit and cupcakes while our girl was trying on her new super cute booties. Miss you all and will see you soon!”

This cheery email brightened our unseasonably cold Spring morning and hope that all of you are staying warm today. Is it snowing in your state today too?

Recipient Loved Her Thank You Gift

Arrangement Made from Elements of Thank You Gift

A recent recipient of a Manhattan Fruitier Thank You Basket had this to say:

“The most scrumptious arrangement, almost too nice to break into … but of course, I have! I have taken the greenery and the heather (how Scottish) and put into a vase to keep…I have already joffled down the plum which was perfect for eating. I have left the rest to be admired and shared with my colleagues, including the little thank you cookies which are adorable. A couple of things are ripe now which is good and some need a smidge more ripening, so it’ll last longer. The chocolate dipped dried fruits though are MINE all MINE.”

Fetch Chocolate Dogs are 3D

French Bulldog Chocolate

A Fetch Chocolate lover tells us how special our chocolate dogs really are:  “The first comment I got from my dog-loving roommates was ‘oh my gosh, they’re 3D!’ So many molded chocolates just have a flat back, and what makes your chocolates awesome are the details like the entire shape and the collar with a little buckle etc.”

Fetch Chocolate Dogs