Health & Fitness Gift Ideas for Men and Women

Healthy gift giving has never been more popular! As more and more people are embracing healthy living themselves, we are finding more people looking for health and fitness gift baskets to give as presents. Similarly, the thoughtful gift-giver is also more aware of the dietary restrictions and eating choices of their friends and family, and so they search for gifts that include heart healthy foods; foods for special diets such a vegan, gluten free and Mediterranean; and gifts that promote physical fitness.

As the holiday gifting season approaches, we know that you may be starting to think about what health conscious gift options might be available. So we are looking ahead to the winter months (which are really not very far off!) and sharing some health and fitness gift ideas specific to the winter time and appropriate for both the men and women in your life.

Outdoor Winter Activities

We all know that one of the best ways to stay healthy and fit is to engage in physical exercise.  Most runners and bikers tend to head inside during the winter months, and understandably so! Not only is the cold weather a deterrent, but ice and snow can make it a dangerous surface for running shoes and bicycle tires. If you can’t exercise out of doors, it makes for a long, dark, cold winter while you wait for the better weather of spring.

  1. Snowshoeing

Introducing friends and family to some fun outdoor winter activities is a wonderful way to find a healthy gift for men and for women.  Snowshoeing doesn’t take any more skill than walking so it makes a great gift for promoting health and fitness in people who are new to exercise. Walking in the snow (even when wearing snowshoes) does exert more energy than walking on other surfaces and you can get a great work-out.  Giving a gift of snowshoes to already physically fit friends and family can prompt a whole new way to enjoy the out-of-doors in the wintertime and be a fun gift that is also suited to healthy men and healthy women alike.

health fitness gift ideas

We recently re-discovered the joys of snowshoeing and it has brought variety into our exercise routines and really helped us to find the joys of the winter season. Our first snowshoe experience was when we were 25 years old on some trails in the Sierra Nevada’s near Lake Tahoe. It was a glorious warm morning in early Spring with rays of sunshine glistening off the deep snow. After walking for a few hours, we lunched on a boulder that looked into a valley shaped like a bowl. From that vantage point, we made the fateful decision to walk back on the other side of the hill instead of re-tracing our footsteps. The problem was that we couldn’t find the trail and then found that it was getting too late to circle back. So we had to make our way down the steep side of the hill in order to get to the valley more quickly before the sun went down. Somehow we made it to the road in the dark and hitched a ride to our car. It was a hair-raising experience, especially afterward when we realized that we were walking in an avalanche zone!  We didn’t snowshoe again until about 4 years ago when we borrowed snowshoes and trekked around in the New Hampshire woods with friends. It was then that we decided that snowshoeing could be our new favorite winter outdoor activity.

During our first snow shoe excursion to Central Park in Manhattan after the East Coast blizzard of January 2016, we learned the hard way that we also needed to buy some good waterproof pants and jackets to keep us dry: the backs of the snow shoes were kicking up snow behind us as we walked hitting our thighs, butts and lower backs. We were rather soaked through on that first trip but came home happy and exhilarated! Our peak snowshoe experience was in the woods in Litchfield County, CT. We were alone and walking on snow that no one else had walked on. It was meditatively quiet and then it began to snow. Somehow the snow brought an even greater silence to the woods and we felt we were literally in a winter wonderland.

  1. Skiing and Snowboarding

We have lots of friends who look forward to downhill skiing every winter. If you have friends or family who like to ski or snowboard, there are a variety of options you have to promote their healthy lifestyle. Ski gear such as boots, poles, gators, gloves and ski pants can be just the right health and fitness gift idea. Gear for outdoor winter sports can get expensive, so a gift certificate to a ski shop in an amount you can afford can go a long way to help defray some of the cost while still giving a gift of fitness.

If you have a thicker wallet, you might want to consider springing for a weekend at a ski resort, with transportation, breakfast and ski lift tickets included. This gift is perfect for a group: plenty of opportunities to go off on your own and meet up later at the lodge for drinks in front of the fireplace. Ski resorts always offer lessons, to both kiddies and old folk, and can be a safe way to encourage someone to try a new winter sport, or to help hone the skiing skills of someone with experience.  Ski resorts also offer cross-country skiing trails for those of us who have never downhill skied and aren’t especially attracted to heights and speed. Like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing offers a superb aerobic work-out with all the pleasures of being outside in the snow.

  1. Ice Skating

If you live in the temperate zone, you are likely to have frozen bodies of water in the winter time or at least outdoor ice skating rinks. Skating is definitely an acquired skill and does require practice to minimize falls and feel confident moving across a slippery surface on pieces of skinny metal! But like snowshoeing and skiing, ice skating is another fun outdoor winter activity for health and fitness.

Most of us skated at least occasionally as kids: some of us quite seriously. In Canada and the most northern parts of North America, ice hockey is a serious sport and no longer just for boys: there are now many girls on school ice hockey teams.

health gift ideas: ice skating

Venturing onto a skating rink as an adult can be a little daunting. If you want to encourage friends or family to ice skate with you, give them the gift of a day at a rink including skate rental and some lessons. Try to find a rink that is not overcrowded. Sometimes small town rinks are the best. We have a tradition of skating on New Year’s Day in Newport, RI — no tourists, just locals. Even though we aren’t very skilled skaters, the smiles on our faces show that we feel like kids again! Perhaps the best part of ice skating is getting a hot chocolate at the concession stand and watching the other skaters as you warm up and rest your weary ankles.

Indoor Winter Activities

Nothing is nicer than coming in from the cold and warming yourself at a fireplace, or with food and drink. If you are looking for holiday gift basket ideas for healthy men and healthy women, think sustenance: cooking, eating, and drinking.

  1. Cooking and Eating the Mediterranean Way

We tend to want to eat more hearty food in the wintertime. We do expend more energy in the cold as our bodies work to keep us warm. But eating hearty doesn’t have to mean eating un-healthy. The Mediterranean Diet has received unprecedented press in recent years as the best guide for eating healthy. Our Mediterranean Diet gift collection offers a selection of gift basket ideas for health and fitness. You can give a gift of a healthy pantry and fill it with fine artisanal olive oils, vinegars, canned fish, olives and nuts. Or you can send a gift, such as our Santorini healthy gift basket, featuring all of the finest ingredients you need for making an exceptional Mediterranean meal.

healthy gift basket

Our Santorini gift basket is a generous and healthy gift for men or women.

  1. Drinking Natural, Organic, and Bio-Dynamic Wines

As we become more aware of the importance of making healthy life choices, more of us are looking to natural and organic ingredients in the foods we eat, and natural and organic processes in the way our wines are made. A very thoughtful gift for health- and fitness-minded men and women is a gift of natural, organic or bio-dynamic wines. These kinds of wines may be harder to find, but there are some specialty wine stores out there that focus on more natural wines. Natural wines are made with as few additives as possible, but generally have a small amount of sulfites as a preservative, especially the Old World wines. Organic wines may either be sulfite-free or may contain sulfites if they occur naturally, although in much smaller quantities than most wines. Bio-dynamic wines are made from grapes grown in organic soil supplemented with natural additives believed to improve the condition of the soil. These practices produce grapes that reflect the terroir, or the sense of place where the grapes are grown. Planting and reaping schedules can be very strict and may need to align with a particular phase of the moon, for example. Consider a wine gift club: having a new wine to try that arrives at your doorstep monthly or quarterly makes a memorable gift.

If you are a health conscious person, you can find a healthy gift that will make you feel good about supporting the health and fitness of your friends and family. Our healthy gift ideas for winter activities can be appropriate for children or teens (except the wine, of course!), young adults, senior citizens, or a man or a woman! We hope we have made it easy for you. Remember, healthy gifting is always in style!


How To Celebrate a Work Anniversary In a Meaningful Way

When an employee reaches a work anniversary date — 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or more — it is an occasion to commemorate in a significant and meaningful way. The magnitude of the celebration will, of course, vary depending on the degree of the achievement and the size of your pocketbook, but that shouldn’t limit your imagination! Companies both large and small can find ways to make an employee feel special and honored. Here are some unique and fun ideas to celebrate a work anniversary.

Go Out for Lunch

Taking your employee out to lunch may be just the ticket for an early work anniversary, especially for employees who have to travel a distance to get home or have a family to tend to. But I don’t mean to suggest that you head out to the local deli or salad bar where your employee likely grabs lunch every day. Make sure to find a nice restaurant, perhaps a bit out of the way, and linger over a long lunch. It will be a real treat for him or her to have time out of the office in the middle of the day.

Steer the conversation away from talking shop. Make this an opportunity to get to know your employee a bit more. Whether the entire team is invited and joined by the boss or it’s just the employee and his or her manager, you are going to offer a happy change to the rhythm of the work day!

Helpful Tip: Be sure that your employee has a light afternoon — don’t schedule any important presentations or meetings.

Throw a Party

Work Anniversary party

The “office party” is such a boring notion that it has become a cliché: worse, a dreaded event to endure. But perhaps that has more to do with lack of imagination than anything else. If you are going to celebrate a work anniversary with an on-site office party, make it festive and themed for your employee. Does she like to play poker? Set up a casino scene. Get some tables and cover them in green felt. Hire a croupier or two and hand out “chips” to play with. Cater with platters of finger food and offer a specialty cocktail reminiscent of another era (with a non-alcoholic version too). We once held an office party where we invited a chocolate and wine expert to lead us through a tasting of chocolates paired with various wines. Afterward, we all got messy making truffles while finishing off the wine!

Off-site office parties can be easier to implement, but don’t just trundle down to the local bar for Happy Hour. That shows no effort or creativity and is not likely to make your valued employee feel the proper recognition. Find a place for your party that’s has a focus or activity such as a comedy venue, country dance bar (preferably one that also offers lessons!), shuffleboard club or movie house you can rent out.

Helpful Tip: If your employee is shy, don’t make him sing karaoke! Not one to imbibe? Then don’t make alcohol the focus of the party. Be sensitive to the preferences of the person you are appreciating.

Organize an Excursion

More and more companies are finding fun excursions and experiences to share with their employee who is celebrating a work anniversary. You can conceive of the trip as just for the employee you want to commemorate, or for the entire team. The outing can be as extravagant as your budget allows. Consider hiring a bus to pick up the office for a day trip to the beach or a nature hike, or even air fare and hotel for a few days to an island resort or mountain lodge. If your employee is a golf enthusiast, consider sending him or her to one of the major PGA golf tournaments. Likes to fish? What about a day on the ocean in a saltwater fishing boat? Maybe a helicopter tour of the city with champagne and a friend of his or her choice?

Helpful Tip: If possible, close the office for a day, or make the excursion include a Monday or a Friday if it is a weekend affair. It will be the perfect time to celebrate and that much more of a treat for your employee(s)!

Give a Gift

A gift is always a nice thought. But be careful to select a gift that is fitting. Think about donating to your employee’s favorite charity, or offer a corporate sponsorship for a non-profit organization event that they participate in.

Consider a gift card, especially if you can make it personal. For instance, one of our employees loved to cook and would come in on Monday morning talking about the dishes he had made over the weekend. He would also often complain that he didn’t have the right cooking equipment. For one of his work anniversaries, we gave him a shopping spree at Williams Sonoma and he couldn’t have been happier!

work anniversary gift

Congratulatory Gift Baskets To Celebrate a Milestone

A gift basket is another work anniversary gift idea that you can personalize. Many of our clients send our “Congratulations!” gift baskets to employees celebrating a work anniversary. The gift embodies the sentiment with hand-iced cookies that say “Cheers!”, “Congratulations!” and “Hooray!”. Perhaps you want to treat your employee who is an oenophile to a wine subscription where a new bottle to taste appears at the doorstep every month for a year; or a food gift club that features different artisanal fare every month.

Helpful Tip: A gift basket or gift card can be the perfect addition to any work anniversary lunch, party or excursion.


Award Time Off

Perhaps nothing is more important than having a day off! Why not celebrate a work anniversary by offering your employee a paid day off to do something he or she has always wanted to do, but couldn’t because of work hours? This gift is priceless. How could you do better than giving the gift of time? Remember to make it clear that this time is free and not deducted from either vacation or personal days. And no judgments! He or she may just choose to sleep in, stay home and watch old movies.

Helpful Tip: Let your employee pick the day, if possible. Give him or her time to contemplate what they would like to do in case it requires advance scheduling.

Don’t leave the celebration planning to the last minute. Think ahead as much as possible to come up with just the right idea and give yourself the time to manage all the details so that the event goes smoothly. That will underscore your respect for the significance of the occasion. The most important thing is to make it all about celebrating the individual: making it personal is the best way to show your respect and appreciation for all of their hard work.


Reflections on Manhattan Fruitier’s 30th Anniversary

Thirty years ago, on the afternoon of Sept 5th 1987, I got married to Lauren on the rolling green lawns of the old Inn on Lake Waramaug in beautiful western Connecticut. Forty-five of our closest friends and family were with us, as well as the Inn’s old pony named Chester who was fitted with a large lace collar for the occasion! After a three-day long celebration over the Labor Day weekend, Lauren and I left for Martha’s Vineyard for a brief but delightful honeymoon. On September 15, the day after we returned to Manhattan, the doors of Manhattan Fruitier were opened!

It was a whirlwind summer with side-by-side preparations for our wedding and the new business. I couldn’t have been happier!

1987 – Manhattan Fruitier Opens Our Doors

I met Lee Grimsbo at a small dinner party in early 1987. Lee was a friend of my sister’s and was the Fruit and Produce Manager at Dean & Deluca, when it first opened on Prince and Broadway. Lee had made a few fruit baskets for customers that he designed using Flemish still life paintings as his inspiration, and he wondered if it could grow into a business. I thought it could and we became partners in G & G (Gold & Grimsbo) Manhattan Fruitier!

Founding Members of Manhattan Fruitier

Jehv, Lee and cat Kato

Our first little shop was down on 6th Street near the Bowery. And in 1987, the Bowery wasn’t at all hip. Our first employee was Drew Pleak, a colleague of Lee’s from Dean & Deluca. (Thank you, Dean & Deluca, for hiring and training such talented people — we have employed quite a few other alumni/alumnae over the years as well). Drew is still with us and his design sense and creativity infuse all of our gifts.

After the first year, we took over the basement, and after the second year we rented additional space to handle our holiday business. In those early holidays, we worked around the clock making baskets and organizing deliveries. Lauren was in graduate school at the time, but helped out when she could, especially at the holiday time.

In December 1990, in between doing research on her dissertation, Lauren (also 8 months pregnant with our daughter) would tie netting over the baskets to keep the fruit secure and wrap a simple grosgrain ribbon around the basket and tie it with a bow. I remember we had to rig a little adaptation for her so that she could get her body close enough to the counter where the baskets were lined up ready to net.

We were a real curiosity. People would stop on the sidewalk, day and night, and watch us work through the glass in the door. “Oh, look at Santa’s elves at work!” they would exclaim.

After a couple of years, Lee left Manhattan Fruitier to pursue his love of all things related to gold leaf. He found a great gig at New York Central Art Supply that lasted almost 25 years. He has always championed the growth and continued success of Manhattan Fruitier and we remain friends.

Expanding Outside of New York City

Initially, we only hand delivered our gifts in and around the NYC area. At the urging of a travel agent who was promoting vacations to the Caribbean, we sent tropical fruit gifts in wooden crates across the country. The success of that project led us to develop our shippable hampers and expand our gift line. This was one of our first lessons in listening to the good suggestions of our customers.


Manhattan Fruitier Store Front on 29th Street at Park Avenue

Store Front on 29th Street at Park Avenue

After five years, in 1992, we moved Manhattan Fruitier uptown to Park Avenue and 29th Street. We had a beautiful old store front (which we didn’t mess with, though we needed to replace the broken glass). We spent 20 years in that location and watched the neighborhood change around us. By-the-hour hotels and “street walking” business women were slowly replaced by high end hotels, wine bars, yoga studios and condos.

In 2005, we opened a location in Los Angeles to serve our bi-coastal customers which included a few movies and TV shows (see some of our highlights below). As a result of the recession, we decided to close this location in 2009.

By 2012, it was time for us to move again. We had very much outgrown that space and were maintaining separate facilities in Queens and Brooklyn across the years. Our next stop would be Long Island City, where we could consolidate and where we currently operate the business.

Signing Manhattan Fruitier Long Island City lease

Jehv & Massimo Signing Lease For Our First Space in Long Island City

The Manhattan Fruitier Family – Our Incredible Team

The vast majority of our current staff have been with us for 10-20 years which means they like what they do and the environment they work in, and that makes me feel really good. We’ve celebrated milestone birthdays together and watched our children grow up. Like all work places, employees meet and sometimes have romantic relationships, which can lead to marriage and children. By our best reckoning, there have been three marriages and seven children so far.

Over the years we have also lost some good people to their career dreams. For instance, Joe R. a ridiculously smart and funny guy, cut his satirical teeth at Manhattan Fruitier and later became the editor of the Onion satirical media outlet. A group of talented Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) graduates (Adam, Mahoney, and Jason) worked at Manhattan Fruitier in the early years and then went on to form Urban Folk Arts where they pushed each other creatively producing provocative art. Michael M. and Georgia H. both went on to get PhD’s in psychology. Matt J., our intrepid literature enthusiast, was just accepted to the Applied Quantitative Research program at NYU.

Manhattan Fruitier Centerpieces for Explorers Club

Lauren Arranging Centerpieces For a Party at The Explorers Club

We are also so fortunate to have talented people return year-after-year to help us with our holiday business: Tunde I., Haydn L., Jai S., Roushka V., Jillian D., Martha R., Kritzia P., Terry G., Riley S., and Jari J. for example.

And while we have suffered a few losses in the Manhattan Fruitier family over the years I am reminded to value each person, not only for their contribution to Manhattan Fruitier, but for their specialness in the larger world.

We’d love to tell you who our customers are, and who some of their recipients were, but we pride ourselves in being discreet.

Highlights from the last 30 years:

    • Featured for the first time in the New York Times. (1987)
    • Candace Bergen (my actress crush) calling to place an order. I happened to take that order. I just had to share that! (1988).
    • Featured in the New Yorker Magazine: “Run, don’t walk, to the phone and call Manhattan Fruitier.” (1988)
    • Our fruit basket appears in Mike Nichols’ movie “Working Girls” as a gift to Sigourney Weaver’s character when she is in the hospital with a broken leg. (1988)
  •  Martha Stewart & Drew on set
  •  Martha Stewart & Drew On Set
    • Martha Stewart doing a “field trip” to Manhattan Fruitier to record a segment for her TV show. (1997)
    • Our fruit basket was presented as a retirement gift to Kevin Kline’s character in The Emperor’s Club. (2002)
    • Our fruit basket makes a cameo in the Woody Allen film “Hollywood Ending”. (2002)
    • Lauren got to take a call from Renee Fleming in 2003, one of her all-time favorite opera singers. She was as gracious on the phone as she appears on the stage.
    • Our fruit basket appears in a final episode of “Sex and the City” in Carrie and Misha’s Paris motel room. (2004)
    • On Boardwalk Empire the character Lathrop gets one of our fruit baskets with a note that says “Thanks, you’re a peach.” (2011)
    • Liz Lemon snags a cookie from a Manhattan Fruitier fruit basket in an episode of 30 Rock. (2013)
    • A gift hamper was in the Academy Award winning movie Birdman. Hint: The gun was hidden behind our hamper on the top shelf in Riggan’s (Michael Keaton’s) dressing room. (2014)
    • In HBO’s Girls, Hannah delivered a fruit basket to Adam and Jessa as a way to make peace with them and herself after ex-boyfriend and best friend started dating. During a Moth-like open mic performance, Hannah says something like, “I even gave them a fruit basket, and a not-too cheap one at that.” (2016)

Being in business for 30 years, we’ve been buffeted by many forces outside of our control, and survived. There was 9/11 and all the anxiety and disruption around it. There was the subway strike on December 19, 2005 that paralyzed NYC during our busiest week of the year (our intrepid employees came to work by foot, bicycle and roller blade). And, we experienced the hopefully once-in-a-lifetime great recession of 2008 (never good for gift giving). In 2012, there was Hurricane Sandy, and its impact on NYC’s infrastructure. Overall, we’ve tried to be patient, taken a long term perspective, and proven ourselves to be resilient.

10 Get Well Soon Gift Ideas Perfect for Anyone

When you are sick, what do you want? To get better, of course! But until you are healed, you want to be comforted and soothed. You want to be entertained and distracted. You want some practical help. The best get well soon gifts are those that will appeal to the wants and needs of the ill person. So with that in mind, we have organized 10 creative ideas for get well gifts under these key categories of need.


#1. Chicken Soup
Send or deliver a real comfort food, like chicken noodle or matzo ball soup. People who are sick often lose their appetites and have little energy for preparing something nourishing to eat. Chicken soup is easy to eat, hydrating, and has protein and carbs to keep the body going. This great gift is suitable to most taste buds and illnesses!

#2. Nutritious & Gourmet Gift Basket
Gift baskets filled with fun and nutritious foods will be gratefully received. Think Vitamin C packed fruits and juices, snacks and nibbles, like our Get Well Hamper with fresh seasonal fruit, delicious and exotic Clementine juice, and 3 hand-iced cookies that say “Get Well”, “Thinking of You”, and “Feel Better” for a sweet treat. We can also add The New Yorker’s Book of Doctor Cartoons for a little comic relief. These gourmet get well fruit baskets offer both comfort and a good distraction for your loved one.

If you want to be indulgent, send a gift of gourmet ice cream. We love the unique flavors and combinations we find with Jeni’s artisanal ice creams. And nothing soothes a sore throat like sweet and velvety ice cream!

#3. Warm and Snuggly Things
When we are sick, we like to curl up in our most comfy clothes: pajamas, sweat pants, well-worn sweaters. Or we like to wrap ourselves in comforters and soft blankets. If you can afford it, think about sending a luxurious gift of a cashmere sofa throw or shawl, or how about a cashmere sweat suit? If you are on a budget, a cuddly stuffed animal or Teddy Bear is a perfect gift that will bring warmth and a smile.

#4. Calming Room Sprays, Diffusers and Body Lotions
Aromatherapy can really help calm our minds, release muscle tension, open up our nasal passages and evoke pleasant memories. There are very specific scents you can choose depending on the purpose. For example, lavender is known to help promote restful sleep. A home fragrance mist or a soothing body lotion can make a lovely get well soon gift that can also be enjoyed after the recovery.


#5. Books, Magazines, Movies, TV, Podcasts
It’s hard to keep your mind off your aches and pains, so distraction and entertainment are brilliant get well gift ideas! Drop an easy reading book or a selection of magazines at their door. Recommend some good movies you can get On Demand, suggest a TV series perfect for binge watching, or some interesting podcasts to listen to. A care package filled with these items will help pass the time while in confinement which can be supremely boring.

#6. Flowers
You can rarely go wrong sending a get well gift of flowers. Choose an arrangement with seasonal flowers that are bright and cheerful. A beautiful floral bouquet will draw the eye, symbolize life and renewal, and momentarily deflect attention from one’s woes. Flowers are also comforting. If it’s a long rehabilitation, consider sending a weekly flower delivery for the duration! (Note: be sure to avoid lilies as these flowers are often associated with death and funerals.)

#7. Visits
A face-to-face visit can be a great way to distract and entertain a person who is recuperating. But do be mindful. If a person is very ill, i.e. in the hospital, undergoing cancer treatment, recovering from a surgery, in chronic pain, etc. they may neither have the energy nor the interest in a get well visit. And remember the best get well soon gifts align with the wants and needs of the ill person — not you. If a visit is welcomed, make it short and sweet. Combine your visit with a comforting get well gift such as food, with a distracting get well gift such as movies or flowers, or with some practical support like help with a chore (see below). Sometimes physical contact can be very soothing to someone who is ill. You can take advantage of that during your visit by offering a foot or back rub, or by just holding their hand.

#8. Cards and Emails
When you can’t visit, or the person is too ill to receive visitors, an old-fashioned card or letter delivered by snail mail may be just the perfect get well gift that you can keep on giving. A note in the mail is a pleasant surprise these days and a great way to let the person who is sick know you are thinking of them. The best part is that the person can read them again and again. Email works too: it can be read and responded to when they feel up to it. Cards and emails can also be get well gifts of distraction and entertainment! Send some news from home or the office. Relay a funny story and make them laugh.


#9. Chores
Although certainly not a practical get well gift idea if you don’t live nearby, helping with daily and household chores is a truly thoughtful and unique gift that has a tangible effect. Offer to grocery shop, cook a meal, clean, walk a dog, pick up prescriptions and mail, pick up kids from school, etc. If you have a group of friends or colleagues that all want to help, organize a chart with chores and have people sign up. There are several online sites that you can do this with such as which make it easy to share.

#10. Company & Rides to Doctor Appointments
It’s not uncommon for a sick person to have lots of doctor visits scheduled during treatments, rehabilitation and longer-term follow-ups. Traveling can be particularly hard to navigate if the person is in pain or disabled or otherwise weakened. Offer to drive the person back-and-forth, or hire a cab service and travel with them to help getting in and out of the car. Having a friend in the waiting room can be very comforting too. This practical gift will not only enable you to spend time with your loved one, but it will show them just how much you care and are there for them.

The worst thing you can do when considering a get well gift is to ask the recipient, “What do you want me to do?” Don’t put the burden on them. Just offer something! Decide what kind of help you want to give, pick a thoughtful gift or gesture, and make it happen. They’ll appreciate it!

Why Monthly Delivery Gifts Are The Best

When I was a kid back in the 60s, my grandparents would give us a fruit-of-the-month club gift for the holidays. You know the kind I’m talking about: huge pears, perfectly round grapefruits, ruby red cherries, etc. When the gift arrived anew at our doorstep every month, we would all eagerly open the box to see what goodies were inside. We didn’t care that the fruit was sitting in environmentally unkind Styrofoam inside a utilitarian cardboard box. After sampling the contents, we would all get on the phone to call Grandma and Grandpa to thank them. We looked forward to getting that gift every year because we knew we would get a surprise every month! And my grandparents loved giving it because they knew we would call them each time a new gift arrived.

Gift clubs have experienced a remarkable resurgence in recent years, and why not? A gift that keeps on giving is a way to carry the cheer throughout the year and get you noticed again and again! And don’t assume that the choices are boring. Food subscription gift club options are no longer restricted to Grandma’s fruit-of-the-month boxes. Think guacamole makings, a selection of dried fruit snacks and nuts with trendy toppings, and pomegranate and mango inspired gifts with fresh fruit, dried fruit and candies. Almost every e-tailer of fine food gifts offers a variety of interesting and innovation selections with subscription programs suited to every need. Some even care about making the presentation attractive and ecologically sensitive, like we do in our gift club designs! The gift club model has come a long way from when I was a kid.

Here are six more reasons why you should choose to send a subscription gift this year:

  1. Your sentiment will have a greater impact because each time the gift appears, your recipient will think of you and the reason you sent the gift.
  2. It’s easy! You can set it up one time in advance, and it’s covered.
  3. You don’t have to commit to a 12-month gift subscription: you can find 3 month and 6-month options.
  4. A one time gift may not be enough to meet what is called for. Think about new parents, someone who is seriously ill or recovering from major surgery, or someone who has lost a loved one. After the first flurry of gift giving and help, the responsiveness tapers off but the needs don’t.
  5. Make your budget stretch! Spending $200 on four gifts that arrive with the change of seasons will make a more memorable impression than one big gift that gets consumed during the holiday and then forgotten.
  6. Designed for sharing.

Just think about it. How happy will your office be if they know they will receive a new snack gift every month? Perfect for monthly business meetings: be prepared so you don’t have to scramble at the last minute to get some healthy and fun snacks for the conference room. Ideal to arrange for college students eating a diet of cafeteria food or living off-campus and depending on their own amateur culinary skills.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to send a gift that keeps on giving and put your thoughtfulness in the spotlight!