Adam Suerte, former MF staffer, is featured artist in BK Spectator

Adam Suerte in Brooklyn Spectator

Former Manhattan Fruitier staffer Adam Suerte was the featured artist in the inaugural issue of The Brooklyn Spectator (May 2011). Adam worked at MF in the early 1990s in his first job out of RISD. He later founded Brooklyn Tattoo, NYC’s acclaimed artist-centric tattoo shop on Smith Street in BK. We are big fans.

MF Holiday Party a Pig Fest

We had our annual holiday party last night at Resto, our friendly Belgian/pork restaurant next door. In the run up to the holiday crush, drinks were drunk, bellies were filled with an amazing roasted suckling pig & condiments, stories were shared and good feelings abounded. BTW Happy 10th anniversary to Sarah. Double BTW  No pics from party to protect everyone’s reputation.

Holiday Party Resto 2010

Sarah’s Hooch Burns a Hole in Paper Cup

Sarah Filtering Her Hooch

Sarah was busy a few months ago putting up some home brew – vodka, rhubarb, rosemary and sugar. Today we tasted it and we didn’t go blind or crazy. I’d call that a victory. Flavor wise, I think we all agreed that some cough syrups taste better. But you have to love the kick and the fact that it burns a hole through a paper cup.