Staffer Kareem C. Gets Lost in Anime

Kareem after watching anime

Tony Tony Chopper

Kareem got hooked on anime (Japanese animation) when he saw Transformers.  He explains that it’s all about swords and magic! Fair enough.

He finds his anime at or on TV.  His favorites include Naruto Shippuden, InuYasha and Tony Tony Chopper.

He also loves watching The Last Airbender on Nickelodeon with his son.

Staffer Henry T. Makes Music Outside of Work

Henry (far left) and San Caterba

Henry is a member of the all-Filipino band San Caterba, which roughly translates into “one too many.”  No, the band didn’t drink too much alcohol. Rather the name refers to being wide open to new members — the idea being “the more the merrier.” The band is 6 years old and currently has 6 members.  It’s specialty: 60s, 70s and 80s classic rock (Beattles, Stones, BeeGees, Dave Clark 5, Gloria Estefan …).  The band plays at Filipino reunions (school, business, province) and church fund raisers.  The gigs come largely via word of mouth.  Henry assures me that their music has wide appeal both within and outside the Filipino community.  Rock on!

Staffer Hugh A. Gets Paper Cut Doing Origami

Hugh with some of his creations (including green frog)

Hugh took up origami when the movie he was going to got sold out. Instead of going to the movie he and a couple of friends ended up in the park opposite Lincoln Center. One friend started making paper airplanes, which led to “hey I can make a crane,” which led to “I can make a dinosaur,” and so on.

Hugh now talks about his “folding friends” (weird) who meet a couple of times a week at a Cosi’s.

Warning: origami may be addicting.

Staffer Charles M. Moves to the Slow Lane with Bike

Charles with his bike

Charles somehow stumbled into biking — it’s rumored to have started as a way to spend more time with his wife. But as things happened, he’s spending a lot of time on the road ALONE, mostly because no one can keep up with him!

It’s kind of a green acres story. Goodbye fast line.  Hello bike lane. He ditched his 1000 cc Yamaha motorcycle and now rides a simple black bike everywhere. It’s not unusual for him to hop on his bike and ride 100 miles.  BTW He’s immune to the vicissitudes of the weather.

He’s been traversing the boroughs and Westchester, Nassau and Rockland Counties. This weekend he’s participating in the 16th annual Escape New York Ride. Happy trails.