Meet our Maker of the Month: Harbor Sweets

Doug ad Phyllis.jpg
Doug Burritt, National Representative and Phyllis B. LeBlanc, Owner and CEO of the most wonderful
Chocolate factory in New England, Harbor Sweets.

Over the past 27 years Manhattan Fruitier has been passionately seeking the best products to fill our gift baskets – the freshest of fruit, the most fragrant of flowers, and of course, the most phenomenal chocolate we can find.  Since Day One, we’ve proudly placed Harbor Sweets chocolates in our baskets and we are eager to send our thanks and appreciation as this Salem, Massachusetts company celebrates its 40th year. We think they are wonderful– not just for their chocolates but also for their commitment to charitable giving.

Harbor Sweets has a few sweet stories we’d like to share with you.  After all these years of partnering with Harbor Sweets, we decided spring is just the right time for a personal visit up the coast to Salem. We got to see first-hand how their Sweet Sloops chocolates and the Easter Rabbits we feature are created and to meet the chocolatiers we’ve admired over our many years together. Continue reading

When is a Berry Not a Berry?… When It’s a Straw-berry!

Strawberries in season summer - June - August

Strawberry season extends from June to mid-August and now that summer has hit its peak, it’s fun to share the sheer uniqueness of one of the world’s favorite fruits. The beautiful, fragrant and healthy strawberry is more unusual than you would think.

Unlike true berries, like blueberries and cranberries that hide their seeds inside, the strawberry is the only fruit in the world that shows its seeds on the outside.  These little yellow ‘seeds’, about 200 of which adorn one strawberry, are actually separate tiny fruits themselves and known as “achenes” (ah-keens). The achenes contain the actual seed of the strawberry and they’re packed with bountiful nutrition and antioxidants.

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What do kangaroos and Manhattan Fruitier have in common?

Insulated Pouch for Warm Weather

Answer: insulated pouches
With the arrival of warmer weather, we have started shipping our chocolates in insulated pouches with ice packs. We want to be sure that our chocolate gifts arrive in good condition. Once the pouch has done its job as a cool shipper, it can be re-purposed as a lunch satchel or mini-cooler. And, go marsupials!

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