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Budi Superfood Bars

Flourish Bar Trio 15.50

This trio of Budi Bars- Coco, Cassia and Chai are handmade by Michael McCarthy in Boston, MA and filled with superfoods, a class of foods known for their very high nutritional and antioxidant content. McCarthy tinkered with these recipes for years to create a delicious well-balanced snack for the body and the brain that time releases energy without causing sugar spikes. He packs Budi Bars with sunflower and hemp seeds, chicory root fiber, chia seeds, coconut, cassia cinnamon and green tea amino acid for mental focus.

High fiber, vegan certified and wheat-free ingredients (non-certified).

X Flourish Bar Trio - $15.50
Product ID: P1001

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  • 3 - X Flourish Bar (single)

  • 3 - X Flourish Bar (single)

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