Holiday Gifts For the Health Conscious

Most of us know by now that healthy foods can also taste great! Gone are the days when we ate “healthy” food just because we knew it was good for us, and not because it was particularly enjoyable for our taste buds. So finding health conscious Christmas gifts can be a pleasant shopping experience.


At Manhattan Fruitier, we specialize in promoting healthy gift-giving. When we first started the company, all we made were fresh fruit baskets and nothing else. What could be more natural and healthy and delectable than a piece of fresh seasonal fruit? Since that time, we have greatly expanded our health conscious gifts to include products suitable for people with special health needs. For example, if you know someone who is diabetic or pre-diabetic, you don’t want to send a gift of food that includes a lot of sugar. If you know someone who has a heart condition, you don’t want to send a gift that of food that isn’t low cholesterol, low sodium and high fiber. We consulted with professionals and researched products to choose the best fresh fruits, treats and snacks for people with special health needs. And we also made sure that we didn’t sacrifice taste!


We also grew our healthy gift line to address the needs of people who are on special diets. This includes people who eat organic, are vegan and/or gluten-free. Many of our Christmas gifts for healthy people combine fruit and treats that are organic, vegan and gluten-free! When choosing snacks and sweets, we look for companies that bring a healthy twist to classic snack such as baked Falafel chips instead of fried tortilla chips, roasted almonds instead of salted almonds, and stevia-sweetened dark chocolate instead of sugar rich milk chocolate. We also offer cookies and cakes that include plenty of sugar, but only use gluten-free flours, and

chocolates and sweets that taste just like any other, but use certified organic cane sugar and no milk products.


If you are a healthy eater yourself, then you also probably like to send health conscious Christmas gifts. Our wide collection of healthy gift baskets lets you find just the right one to communicate your personal message of health. Maybe you’d like to recognize your friend who has increased his physical activity for the benefit of his heart health and weight loss: send one of our yoga baskets! Or perhaps you want to encourage a family member or co-worker to take time for inner reflection and calm: send one of our tea time gifts.


Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that you don’t want a little treat once in awhile. Our Christmas gifts for the health conscious address special health needs and diets, but also bring a little reward for good behavior!