Gifts for Meat Lovers

Despite all the emphasis on decreasing intake of red meat for a healthy diet, vegetarianism and veganism, there are still plenty of people out there who like to eat meat. To all you meat eaters out there, we haven’t forgotten you! So if you are shopping for Christmas gifts for meat lovers, take a look at our artisanal selections including air-cured prosciutto, all natural beef jerky and wildly addictive bacon peanuts with maple syrup.


Not every meat lover is going to appreciate a big, thick frozen slab of steak sent in dry ice via the post. What Manhattan Fruitier offers is artisanal meats that have a special quality not found in steak-by-mail companies, and that include other foods that go along with it such as cheese, fresh fruit, breadsticks and snacks. We were thrilled to find on one of our many scouting expeditions the best prosciutto we have ever tasted being made right in the heart of the United States --- Iowa to be precise. For years, we were importing our prosciutto from Italy. It was superlative. But when we tasted La Quercia’s silky textured prosciutto, we found something truly magnificient. We weren’t surprised to learn that the makers had spent a good deal of time in Italy learning about the old methods of air-curing and brought their research back to apply to their own prosciutto making process. This prosciutto tastes like Italy, but believe it or not, is even silkier than any imports we have tried. Our Proscuitto and Parmigiano hamper will make a great Christmas gift for a meat lover who also values the rarity and quality of artisanally made meats and foods. If you really want to go all out, consider sending our ultra-luxe Epicurean Hamper which features a wide array of all of our specialty gourmet foods including this exceptional prosciutto!


If the meat lover on your Christmas gift list is more of a barstool, poker game, sports fan snacker, then a present that includes our all natural hand crafted beef jerky made locally by Brooklyn Beef Jerky (BKBJ) and bacon-smoked maple glazed peanuts by CMB may be the perfect fit! We fell in love with the tangy flavors of BKBJ’s Bangkok Betty blend that includes sriracha, ginger and lime. And as any dedicated meat eater will tell you, everything tastes better with bacon, and that includes peanuts! We created two snacking gifts around these singular treats.


Don’t hesitate to send one of our Christmas gift baskets for meat lovers. It will satisfy their protein cravings while also acknowledging their appreciate for fine gourmet food.