Buy Meat and Fish Online


Antibiotic-free pork, grass fed organic beef and sustainable fish have always been offered in our gourmet gift baskets such as our prosciutto hamper, smoked salmon hamper, caviar chest, and Barstool Snacker which contains grass fed organic beef jerky and bacon peanut brittle. Now you can buy these meat and fish online in our Pantry and enjoy them yourself!


 We scour the world to find the very best in sustainable fish. Our smoked salmon and dill-cured gravlax hale from the rough Atlantic waters off the coast of Scotland and our Osetra caviar comes from the sustainably farmed roe of freshwater sturgeon raised in the ancient Aquitaine region in the southwestern part of France. Cole’s incomparable tuna belly and rainbow trout are sustainably fished off the coast of Portugal. Back in the states, we found the very best grass fed, antibiotic-free pork prosciutto in Iowa! Better than anything we have tasted from Italy, our prosciutto vendors studied traditional Italian techniques for salting and drying pork to flawless effect. Our organic beef jerky and bacon peanut brittle we found closer to home from local artisanal vendors.


Stop in our Pantry if you are looking to buy organic meat and sustainable fish online. We are adding items regularly as snoop around our local neighborhoods, scout out new small and independent vendors and explore new artisanal foods.