Savory Snacks and Gourmet Nibbles


Every pantry should have a good selection of savory snacks and gourmet nibbles on hand. When unexpected guests appear, you’ll want to have some amazing specialty snacks to serve at a moment’s notice such as our all natural and award winning beef jerky or our sweet and savory bacon peanut brittle. With our busy lives, we often find ourselves and our families “on the run”. Whether off to school, to work, to after-school activities or to the gym, we often need a quick breakfast in the morning or snack before dinner. Mix our small batch granola with a little yogurt for a healthy gourmet snack or breakfast to fuel your morning. Keep a jar of our yummy smooth peanut butter on hand to spread on toast, crackers, apple slices or carrot sticks for a nutritious and savory snack. What about those late night gourmet nibblers in your house? You’ll want to have some easy to eat healthy gourmet snacks available. Our pretzels are a healthy and substantial late night snack. Dipped in our mustard we selected for this pairing, and you will experience a fine specialty snack that is pure New York! For those needing a sweet specialty snack, our single-bite salted caramel macaroons will satisfy any craving for a fine and sweet nibble. Don’t find your pantry wanting. Stock up on some fine savory snacks and specialty gourmet nibbles.