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Emmer Farro

Emmer Farro $9

Farro (emmer) harvested here in NY by Cayuga Organics is an ancient variety of wheat with a firm and chewy texture and a slightly sweet taste reminiscent of honey-roasted nuts. The word “Farro” is now used to describe several distinct grains in different parts of the world, but Cayuga Pure Organics’ farro is true emmer wheat. It is one of the oldest varieties of wild-growing wheat, first cultivated over 17,000 years ago in Mesopotamia. Over the many millennia this heirloom crop became a relic but it has seen a resurgence over the last century in the Mediterranean and now here in the United States by a small handful of committed farms like New York State's Cayuga Organics.

They recommend cooking their Farro with a 1 1/2 : 1 water to grain ratio in 45 - 60 minutes.

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