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English Toffee Bars from Lush Candy

Chocolate Toffee (5 pieces) $12

These English style toffee squares are made in Brooklyn by Laurie Pauker of Laurie & Sons. Laurie left behind a career in the advertising world and put her sweet tooth to work making these appropriately named toffee bars that Flo Fab of the New York Times calls “. . . just the right balance of sweet touched with salt.”

Fresh butter, cane sugar, water and sea salt are the pure and simple ingredients that are slowly stirred into a smooth golden toffee. The toffee is then scored into squares and enrobed in 68% dark chocolate.  


5 squares, 1.3 oz.


Chocolate Toffees - $12.00
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  • 1 - Chocolate - Toffees

  • 1 - Chocolate - Toffees

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