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Painted Hearts

Painted Chocolate Hearts $19.50

Sweets for your sweet? These five handpainted chocolate hearts make the loveliest treat. Whimsy meets artistry in chocolatier Joan Coukos’s deft hand. These enchanting hand painted chocolate hearts are made in Chelsea, NYC using Valrhona covertures and each adorable heart has a different character and flavor. The hearts are then decorated with brushstrokes of tinted chocolate that evoke rose petals. Just as in love, no two hearts are alike.


Color and Flavor Key
Orange:  Bourbon Vanilla ~Bourbon vanilla bean with 66% Dominican ganache.
Green:    Cardamom ~ 66% Caribbean ganache infused with green caradamom.
Brown:   Blush ~ Pure 64% Madagascan cacao ganache with its natural red and tropical fruit notes.
Yellow:   Don Juan ~ Pure 72% Venezuelan cacao ganache, complex with its nose of plum, raisin, honey, chestnuts and more.
Pink:      Raspberry Rendez-vous ~ raspberries blended with 64% Madagascan ganache.
Purple:   The Player ~ smokey, peaty Bowmore Islay Single Malt Scotch with 72% Venezuelan ganache.

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  • 1 - X Painted Chocolate Hearts

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