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Hotel Oracle Puzzle by Postalco

Hotel Oracle Puzzle by Postalco $50

Time is on your side with the Hotel Oracle Puzzle, a collaboration between the Tokyo design firm, Postalco Design Office and photographer Jason Fulford. Let the hours of fun fly by or race against the clocks to finish. The 500 piece puzzle is encased in a box with a stirring image of a jumble of clocks in abundance from Fulford’s book, The Hotel Oracle. When you’ve placed the final piece, you can freeze time by gluing the puzzle with an enclosed glue package.  

Fulford calls his Hotel Oracle a “sustained visual meditation on the cosmos-- what constitutes it, what its future might be and how to reconcile the world of the supernatural with the world of the 99-cent store. The photos search out the clues and signs of the prophetic and the numinous, readily mingling them with the banal and the preposterous.”  

Ready, set, go!

X Hotel Oracle Puzzle - $50.00
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