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Roses and Jewel Box Bonbons

Roses, Ladybugs, and Bumblebees $105

Roses and beautifully hand-painted chocolate ladybugs and bumblebees filled with caramel and praline, in a single gift. Twelve magnificent roses that radiant beauty and are laden with positive emotions.  And, enchanting chocolate bonbons made by John & Kira's Chocolates in Philadelphia. 

Whimsically packaged in a red boutique box.


 Roses are shipped anywhere across the country. You have the option of adding a vase to this gift.

To find out what color roses we are offering, feel free to call us at (800) 841-5718.

One Dozen Roses with Jewel Bonbon - $105.00
Product ID: p1969

Coming back soon

  • 1 - Chocolate - Jewel Bonbon
  • 12 - Flower - Rose Stems

  • 1 - Chocolate - Jewel Bonbon
  • 12 - Flower - Rose Stems

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