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Chorizo Seco

Chorizo Salami by Charlito's Cocina $16.50

Chorizo Seco Salami by Charlito’s Cocina is an exquisite blend of dry cured heritage breed, pasture-raised pork seasoned with just the right amount of paprika, garlic and hand-harvested fleur de sel to rival any of the old-world master’s salumi.

Charlito’s Chorizo does not shy away from the pork fat, making salami packed with flavor and versatility.

Elevate your appetizer plate, enjoy on a simple slice of crusty bread or add a bit to soups, pasta dishes or greens.

X Salami - Chorizo - $16.50
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  • 1 - X Salami - Chorizo

  • 1 - X Salami - Chorizo

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