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Summer Sweeties

Summer Sweeties $21.50

Fun in the Sun has begun! Summer Sweeties is a party in a pouch featuring candy galore, all handmade classic snacks of Summer. From Quin Candy in Oregon, a bag packed with lollipops, caramels and fruit chews in ripe, fruity seasonal flavors that’s as gorgeous to look at as to taste. And salty peanut flavored salt-water taffy from The Salty Road in Brooklyn with true flavor, and none of that waxiness that you find in other taffies. 

X Summer Sweeties - $21.50
Product ID: P1736

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  • 1 - X Quin Candy Pouch
  • 1 - Tropical Mango Taffy

  • 1 - X Quin Candy Pouch
  • 1 - Tropical Mango Taffy

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