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Valentine's Heart-Shaped Chocolate Box by LA Burdick $69.50

Valentine's Heart-Shaped Chocolate Box $70

"Will you be my Valentine?" We're not guaranteeing a "yes," but your chances will vastly improve by sending a classic Valentine's Day treat. Traditional yet ever so chic, this gorgeous red and brown embossed heart-shaped box is filled with sublime handmade bonbons, dark chocolate hearts with ganaches of dark rum, hazelnut and rum-soaked raisins, three chocolate mice and heart-shaped mendiants. All cut and shaped by hand using top shelf ingredients by LA Burdick Chocolates in Walpole, NH.

Appx. 42 chocolates for eating to one's heart's content.

Z Heart-Shaped Box of Assorted Chocolates - $70.00
Product ID: p1924

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  • 1 - Z Chocolate - Heart Box of Assorted Chocolates

  • 1 - Z Chocolate - Heart Box of Assorted Chocolates

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