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Free Shipping


Gift Baskets with Free Shipping



Manhattan Fruitier offers a selection of our food gifts with free shipping. We know that shipping fees can put a damper on sending a gift. Our customers told us they wanted fruit baskets with free shipping so we developed a line of gifts that are true to our style, but hardy enough to be safely shipped via standard ground service. Browse our diverse selection of food gifts with free shipping online, or call us to ask about gifts that can be sent with no shipping charge.



Why Can’t All of Our Fruit Baskets Come with Free Shipping?


Fruit is perishable and some are more delicate than others to bruising that can occur during shipping and handling. Other non-fruit items such as some of our chocolates and baked goods are sensitive to heat or cold during transit. To minimize the effects of these exposures and to insure that your gift arrives in pristine condition, we restrict our shipping to either one day or two days at the most. In our gift baskets with free shipping, we use apples, citrus and some tropical fruits as well as dried fruits and other durable delectables that can stand up to longer transit times while still meeting our high standards for style and quality. With over 15 gifts to choose from, you are sure to find a food gift with free shipping that is appropriate for your particular gifting occasion.



Delivery Times with Free Shipping Service


Standard ground shipping can arrive in as few as one day (for gifts going within 100 miles of our NYC location) and as long as seven days (particularly if the gift is in transit over a weekend). Unfortunately, we cannot control exactly when one of our specially designed gift baskets with free shipping will arrive. So if it's vital that a gift arrive on a particular day -- like a birthday or anniversary -- you'll want to choose one- or two- day shipping.