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Heart Healthy Gift Baskets

Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol are two ways to keep our hearts healthy no matter our age. In developing our line of Heart Healthy gifts, we paid close attention to the ingredients in the products we chose. All of our Heart Healthy gift baskets are low sodium gifts that feature fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts and other snacks that contain potassium, fiber, and a variety of other vitamins and minerals thought to be good for our hearts.

Our non-fruit sweet and savory edibles are also low sodium or sodium-free and do not have added sweeteners, which are good for a heart-healthy diet. One of our low sodium gift baskets, Heart Healthy Beat #1, includes a sodium-free organic 72% cacao single origin dark chocolate bar for fun, the flavonoids, and the protein and fiber. Heart Healthy Beat #2 includes a high-fiber organic whole grain oatmeal. Add onto that organic falafel chips (a low sodium, no cholesterol, protein-based snack alternative to tortilla chips), and Go Raw organic energy bars that are high in potassium and fiber, low in salt and zero cholesterol for our third Heart Healthy Gift, Heart Healthy Beat #3. If you have a loved one who is on a heart-healthy diet, our fruit gifts are the perfect item to give them this year! All of our heart healthy, low sodium gift baskets, ship nationwide. Or, if you’re looking for other health conscious gift options, browse all our healthy gift baskets. Shop and order online today!

[Our gifts are not designed to meet the special health needs of any specific individual.]