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Buy Gourmet Food Online?

Why not? It’s never been easier to buy gourmet food online! Our Pantry is a collection of handcrafted foods made in small batches by producers who are committed to making extraordinary food using the highest quality ingredients. We stock our Pantry with the finest artisanal foods we can find, whether searching in our local food markets or in more far-flung places that make the best of a particular specialty food. Previously available only in our gift baskets, we have opened up our cupboards so that our customers can treat themselves to some of the artisanal foods they send as parts of larger gifts. Like a gourmet grocery store, you can pick up just one bag of your favorite Brooklyn-made granola for your morning breakfast, two boxes of our scrumptious chocolate salt caramels from NuNu Chocolates in Brooklyn (one to bring as a hostess gift to that upcoming cocktail party and one to keep at home for yourself!), a few jars of Michigan fruit preserves and a few bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Villa Cappelli in Puglia, Italy for your own pantry staples, or an armful of exquisite Iowa prosciutto for your next dinner party. Browse our different categories the way you would a gourmet grocery aisle: baked goods, meat and fish, snacks and nibbles, cheese, and more. You can even buy gourmet organic food online at our Pantry. Whether health conscious, food snob or just insatiably curious, our Pantry has something for you.


Can I Send Specialty Foods from the Pantry as a Gift?

Any of the artisanal foods you find in our Pantry can be sent as a gift. The packaging we use for our Pantry items is simpler than that of our gift line, and more reminiscent of a shopping bag you might get from your local food market or gourmet grocer. Your selected gift items will be put together in one (or more) simple cotton twill bag(s); glass items will be wrapped in corrugated cardboard for safety.


No matter where you live, you can buy gourmet food online and have it delivered to your doorstep.