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Apology Messages

Apology Messages

An apology note that repairs a relationship after you have made a mistake is one of the hardest, but perhaps most important, notes you'll write. Apologies are given in both personal and business contexts. The most important feature of an apology note is that it definitively says "I'm sorry" or "I apologize." The message should convey sincere regret on your part. Don’t overstate or understate the situation. You want to apologize and offer a way to repair the damage, if appropriate. Give due weight to the mistake, but you shouldn't grovel. Also, remember the rule about not following an apology with a phrase that begins "but..."

Here are a few sample apology notes that may express your sentiments or give you a jumping off point to write your own:

  • I am sorry for…
  • I deeply regret…
  • I hope you will understand.
  • Please accept my sincerest apologies for…
  • Please forgive me for…
  • Please forgive my blunder the other day.