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Birthday And Anniversary Card

Birthday and Anniversary Messages

The gifts you send every year for birthdays and anniversaries celebrate the passage of time and the special qualities of the person receiving the gift. These annual events focus on the gift recipient so it's best to personalize the birthday or anniversary card message. Each of our birthdays tends to be our favorite day of the year, at least until we start getting older when our birthdays may become a touchy subject. For these more senior birthdays your birthday card might emphasize the celebratory nature of the day without dwelling on the advancing years.

Here are a few sample cards where the words birthday and anniversary may be interchanged to communicate your sentiment:

  • Best wishes on your birthday and throughout the coming year.
  • Wishing you good health and happiness on your birthday.
  • May this anniversary be just the beginning of a year filled with wonderful days.
  • Wishing you a day filled with pleasant surprises.
  • Congratulations! You're xx years YOUNG.
  • You are aging like fine wine. Happy Birthday.