Holiday Gifts for Families


How do you please every member of the family with a single gift? Each person is going to have their own likes and preferences. If you want to send a Christmas gift basket for a family, you’ll probably be looking for three essential elements. First, you will look for a gift with variety so that there will be something to please everyone. Second, you look for gifts that can bring the family together. Finally, you’ll want to make sure that the gift is large enough – for 4 more people – to be sure there is enough to share. And that is just how we arranged our selection of food gift baskets in this category.


Christmas gift baskets for families are ideal when they include lots of choices. Snacking gifts are perfect for this and we focus on gifts that combine fresh fruit with dried fruit, nuts, chocolates, and a variety of baked goods and confections. Diversity insures that there will be some treat to please taste: from the littlest kid to the healthiest adult. And since the holiday is a time when friends gather, it’s nice to send a family a gift of goodies that they can offer to guests at a moment’s notice.


Since we are well aware of special diets and dietary restrictions, we also like to offer options for families with members who are gluten free, vegan or Kosher. Consideration of these special needs is a very thoughtful gesture that will be greatly appreciated.


Nothing is nicer than to find a way to draw the family together during the holiday. Another great idea for a Christmas gift basket for a family is a gift of food that can be made or cooked together. Think about a holiday brunch of bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon; or morning breakfast of juice, toast and jam, fruit and granola --- the entire family pitches in to set the table. Or how about gathering the family around the fire place for cocktails and evening appetizers of bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar or a selection of cheeses? Holiday dinners are often collective efforts. Our Mediterranean gift baskets send ingredients that come from the Mediterranean Basin to make a healthy and hearty meal. After dinner, everyone will want to grab a skewer and have dessert of fresh and dried fruit, and warmed chocolate fondue. Yum!


To accommodate families of different sizes, most of the gifts in our Christmas gift baskets for families collection tend to be larger. So you don’t need to worry whether the gift will be big enough. But if you have any concern about size, then chose the ultimate gift we offer: our Epicurean Hamper is perfect for the largest families, or even a holiday party!