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Holiday Gifts for Kids

Shopping for Christmas gift baskets for kids can be so much fun! As adults, when we shop for children we get to reminisce about our own childhoods and the toys and books we enjoyed in our youth. And there is nothing that beats the feeling of giving a gift that brings a smile of joy to the face of a child!


If you are looking online for Christmas baskets for kids, it’s hard to know where to start. The choices can be daunting and unless you live near-by and visit often, you may not be sure what toys and games a child already has, or what electronics the family allows, or what size he or she is this year, or what books you can find on their bookshelves.


We gathered together all of our most fun and kid-friendly gifts from our entire collection to assist in your search for cool and unexpected holiday gift baskets for kids. Most children won’t care about the fineness of the chocolate, the artisanal ingredients of the baked goods, or the fact that the food is gluten free or vegan. They only care about how it looks and how it tastes!


Some of our best Christmas gift baskets for children are our chocolate penguins (so evocative of the winter season), chocolate mice, and chocolate French Bulldogs. Sure to bring delight to children no matter what their age! Kids also love our High Hat cupcakes decorated in pink or white frosting with little cookie “hats” on top to protect the tops from getting squished in transit and our blue box of Whoopie Pies. Parents will also love our cupcakes and whoopie pies because they are made by hand in small batches using only the finest ingredients.


Kids also are champion snackers. You won’t go wrong by sending a gift of healthy or sweet snacks to their door! Think peanuts, pretzels, falafel chips, roasted chick peas, popcorn and more. If they are gluten free, no worries -- they won’t notice the difference with our Gluten Free Vegan Snacker and Gluten Free Brownie Box. Mom and Dad will appreciate your concern for their health.


Christmas gift baskets for kids are as fun to shop for as they are to receive!