Holiday Gifts For Chocolate Lovers

Nothing says “treat” quite like chocolate and the holidays are the best time to show you care and give your thanks with a Christmas gift for chocolate lovers!


Not all chocolate is created equal. Real chocolate is made from the bean and from a by-product of the bean called cocoa butter. Many mass manufactured brands use ingredients that are not pure to the cacao bean: vegetable oil is often used as a cheaper substitute to cocoa butter. And you can taste the difference. All the chocolate Manhattan Fruitier sells comes from makers who use only real chocolate in their creations. So never fear that the chocoholic on your gift list will be disappointed by your choice of any of our chocolate themed gifts.


Since there are so many different types of chocolate lovers, we set out to create a line of Christmas gifts that included dark, milk and white chocolates; bonbons and brownies; chocolate bars and chocolate pastry; chocolate caramels and toffee; infused chocolates and chocolates in the shape of animals; chocolate seeds and nuts; chocolate-dipped dried fruit and chocolate dipping sauces. Popular Christmas presents for chocolate lovers are our line of fresh fruit and chocolate gifts that showcase both the healthy and the decadent!


We are so dedicated to offering a chocolate gift to suit every chocolate aficionado that we searched high and low to find the finest organic, vegan, gluten-free and kosher chocolate treats to put into our Christmas gifts for chocolate lovers. Our organic chocolate bars and cookies are beautifully packaged and contain all certified organic ingredients. Our kosher chocolates and pastries are stamped with kosher seals on the packaging so your recipient can be confident that the treats were made in a kosher facility obeying strict food laws of purity and production. Our gluten-free chocolate cookies, pastries and brownies are all make by small producers in dedicated kitchens or kitchens that follow the most stringent standards for producing gluten-free products. We also found the most delicious vegan chocolate that could pass any blind taste test with great mouth feel and unique flavors.


No matter what the chocolate preference, you will be able to find Christmas gifts for all the chocoholics on your list.