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Corporate Gift Baskets - Fruit & Food Gifts


Our corporate business gifts are designed with the office in mind. Each gift includes a selection of fresh fruit and an array of non-fruit edibles, including candies, chocolates, brownies, cookies, nuts and dried fruit, sure to attract a variety of tastes and preferences. We offer office gift baskets for smaller businesses of 1 to 5 employees, medium sized corporate gift baskets for businesses of roughly 6 to 10 employees, and larger sized gift baskets for businesses of more than 10 employees. Of course, you can always choose one of our larger corporate business gifts for a smaller office: it just means the treats will be around to be enjoyed for a longer period of time.


Why send Corporate Business gifts?

There are many reasons to send office gift baskets the whole year through. Nothing means more to hard-working employees than recognition for a job well done, and sending one of our gift baskets for business is a convenient and tasteful way to communicate that message. Whether for a special project or just an especially long week, office workers really appreciate the boss who appreciates them. An office gift basket placed in the coffee break room provides treats to the staff that can be shared over a few days to a week depending on the size. Perhaps there is a personal occasion to celebrate: a birthday or a promotion, for example. Our corporate gift baskets are appropriate for any occasion.


Many businesses depend heavily on referrals for new clients and it is good manners (and smart business) to say thank you. Sending an office gift basket to a referring business is a delicious and elegant way to acknowledge the contribution to your company and such thoughtfulness will not be soon forgotten. Many of our corporate clients choose the end of the year holiday time to send our corporate gift baskets to clients and referring agencies as a way to thank them for their business the whole year through.


And our corporate business gifts are also perfect for families! The variety of ingredients ensures that the diverse tastes of any modern family are satisfied, from children to grandparents and from healthy to decadent. So, don’t be deterred by the name: our gift baskets for business are also perfect for families and other groups.


Our Business Expertise

Here at Manhattan Fruitier, we know building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with employees, vendors, clients, customers, and other associates is key to business success. And part of maintaining these strong, ongoing relationships is showing your appreciation when the situation is appropriate. Fortunately, showing your appreciation and gratitude for fellow business associates has never been easier then when you choose from Manhattan Fruitier’s line of gourmet corporate gift baskets. Our unique collection of corporate food gifts has something for all tastes and all occasions.


Congratulate a fellow employee on a promotion or for hitting their annual sales goal with a beautiful business gift basket from Manhattan Fruitier. Need a fun, unique way to celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries at the office? Manhattan Fruitier has corporate fruit baskets and gift packs that will show the recipient just how much your company values them.


Our corporate gift packs also make for excellent client gifts. Browse our selection of gourmet gift baskets for clients and let your customers know how much you value their business. We have corporate gift baskets with fresh fruit, dried fruit and nuts, or sweets and chocolate perfect for one person, or we have corporate food gifts sized for small, medium and large offices filled with a variety of fresh fruit and treats to please every palate. Know the recipient well and in search of something highly tailored to their lifestyle? Consider options from our healthy gift basketsyoga gift baskets, vegan gift baskets more.


Whether you’re looking for the perfect corporate holiday gift or just a gift to show your appreciation, look no further than Manhattan Fruitier!